In the blockchain network, the address can be used like a user’s account as the balance and the transaction history can be checked using the address.
Create a Wallet

Samsung Blockchain Keystore creates a Root Seed when a user creates a wallet in Samsung Blockchain Keystore, and stores the Root Seed safely in the Secure File System.
Extended Public Key

An extended public key that corresponds to a HD path can be derived from the Root Seed in Samsung Blockchain Keystore. This public key can be used to derive the address to link the user’s account to your Android app and view the current balance and history details.
HD Path

Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) Wallet is a standard tree structure, represented by derivation paths.
Root Seed

Samsung Blockchain Keystore generates and stores the Root Seed of the HD Wallet safely in the Secure File System. This is used to derive HD Paths and corresponding key pairs when making transactions.
Mnemonic Codes

Mnemonic codes compatible to BIP-39 standard. Refer to the following for more info:

Reset a Wallet

Root Seed is removed from the device when the user resets a wallet via Samsung Blockchain Keystore Settings page
Restore/Import Wallet

Restore the Root Seed from a different wallet by entering Mnemonic Words
RLP Encoding

Recursive Length Prefix (RLP) is the main encoding method used in Ethereum to serialize objects. Transactions signed by Samsung Blockchain Keystore will be returned in a RLP-encoded format.
Seed Hash

A pseudo Seed Hash that is generated randomly when the HD wallet is created. If the Root Seed of a wallet is changed, the Seed Hash will be changed as well.
Send a Transaction

Sending a transaction is NOT in the scope of Samsung Blockchain Keystore. To connect to the public blockchain network, developers can set up their own nodes or use other public nodes.
Sign a Transaction

User’s signature is an important step when making a cryptocurrency transaction. Samsung Blockchain Keystore provides a feature to sign a transaction with a private key, derived from the Root Seed.

Trusted Execution Environment.

Trusted User Interface.

Unspent Transaction Output. It can be spent as an input in a new transaction. It is one of the key components of a Bitcoin transaction.