Integrating Samsung Blockchain Keystore SDK

Integration Benefits

Samsung Blockchain Keystore leverages security measures that are inherent in a safe execution environment, also known as Trusted Execution Environment (TEE).

By integrating with Samsung Blockchain Keystore, Decentralized App or Wallet developers can make your app secure. Developers no longer will have to worry about key management, from how guarantee the randomness of key generation, how to store the Root Seed safely, and to how to use it to sign a transaction in a secure environment. Even if an app running in REE maliciously modified display and tried to make user sign a fake transaction, Trusted User Interface (TUI) run in TEE by Samsung Blockchain Keystore will make sure that the user can manually check and confirm the exact transaction details.

The user will also have the ownership to keep keys safe on the device itself, no longer having to rely upon other third party servers. User will manually confirm all the transactions and make sure that there is absolutely no transaction that the user does not know about.

Integrations that Samsung Blockchain Keystore team look for

Because Samsung Blockchain Keystore is a preloaded app on selected Galaxy devices, Samsung Blockchain Keystore SDK is also designed for only native Android apps for now. Decentralized Apps and wallets must support a native Android app to integrate the SDK. For web-based apps, please refer to Samsung Blockchain SDK (not Keystore) for integration.

Samsung Blockchain Keystore welcomes integrations of Decentralized Apps and wallets in diverse areas. We will be excited to have Samsung Blockchain Keystore SDK integrated into services that provide intuitive user interaction with the blockchain and easy use of the blockchain technology. For applications that seek to provide good, long-run blockchain services with greater security, do not hesitate to make this quick integration with Samsung Blockchain Keystore.

Decentralized Apps and wallets can use Samsung Blockchain Keystore for selected Samsung devices that support Samsung Blockchain Keystore and other keystore or wallets for devices that do not support it. Samsung Blockchain Keystore SDK provides an API to check whether it is supported by the device or not, so diverging keystores within the DApp or wallet should not be an obstacle.

The smart phone is the bridge that can bring blockchain technology one-step closer to our everyday lives. With Samsung Blockchain Keystore, we anticipate to contribute to expanding the blockchain ecosystem, helping users use blockchain services more conveniently, but with greater security.

So why not secure your app with Samsung Blockchain Keystore and join us in expanding this blockchain ecosystem!