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Dive into the future of connected customer experiences through tech sessions by developers offering further insight into the innovations introduced in the keynote



Sessions Contents & Service, Open Innovation

8K visual quality and ecosystem

In this session, we will present how the genuine 8K contents correctly displayed on 8K display devices could deliver our customers an immersive picture quality experience. We will start with a summary of the previous studies about user perceptions regarding the 8K visual quality. We then will explain why the full-frequency 8K contents are superior to the lower resolution in producing fine details on the image. We will also discuss some technical challenges we face toward adopting and utilizing 8K contents in a real-world environment and describe how we can overcome these hurdles. Specifically, we will discuss technologies such as super-resolution and new image sensors to overcome the full-frequency barrier of 8K content. Last, we will introduce the 8K Association (8KA), a non-profit organization composed of key technology companies in the consumer and professional 8K ecosystem, and briefly mention 8KA's ongoing effects on the research, standardization, and promotion of 8K visual quality.

Sessions Contents & Service, Developer Program, Mobile

Add Samsung Pay as your payment method

In this session, we will share learnings from our experience developing the Samsung Pay mobile payment service, revealing insights that can be applied to your own platforms. We will also take a look at the Samsung Pay development kit and how you can use this for your own service.

Sessions Game, AR, Mobile

AR Emoji: Your avatar, your experience

The AR Emoji feature on Samsung devices enables users to create a 3D avatar model that can be used in other applications. Similar to avatars currently available in games or in the metaverse, our AR Emojis are a chance for users to express themselves, their style and their personality, digitally. But this is only the beginning. In this session, we’ll explore the future of AR Emojis and how the AR Emoji SDK is opening more opportunities for developers to collaborate with Samsung to bring to life new services featuring these avatars and optimize them for the metaverse though our collaboration with Unity.

Sessions AI, IoT, Smart Appliances

Bixby 2022 what’s new

What’s new with Bixby in 2022? In this session, you will hear about some of the exciting improvements to the NLU and on-device Bixby as well as updates to the Bixby Developer Studio, which introduces a brand new Javascript Runtime that provides a modern, secure, high-performance environment. We will also take a closer look at the brand new Bixby Home Studio, which allows smart device developers to customize and optimize voice control of smart devices, including allowing a single command to intelligently control multiple smart home devices.

Sessions Contents & Service, Game

Creating spectacular Galaxy game audio experiences with Dolby Atmos

Galaxy smartphones and tablets can produce spectacular game audio with Dolby Atmos. Discover how you can create deeper emotional connections with players, keep them playing for longer, and earn their loyalty by unleashing the full power of Samsung Galaxy mobile game audio. In this session you will hear from Dolby’s Partner Audiokinetic who will discuss how developers can make Dolby Atmos games, including a walkthrough of how to use Dolby Atmos plug-ins in Audiokinetic's WWISE audio middleware. MoonG Labs – creators of Epic Cricket one, of India's most popular sports games – will also share how Dolby Atmos benefitted their game and you will find out how Dolby supports game developers and other activities on our website.

Sessions Health, Wearable

Expand health experiences with Galaxy Watch

The Galaxy Watch’s powerful BioActive Sensor, together with the Wear OS powered by Samsung, is transforming mobile health experiences. And now, this technology is even more powerful thanks to the Samsung Privileged Health SDK. Find out how the Samsung Privileged Health SDK is allowing developers to retrieve raw or analyzed sensor data for their applications, including BIA, ECG, blood oxygen level or sweat loss, and help users’ to accurately monitor their health stats.

Sessions Web

Flexible and private web experience on Samsung Internet

In this session, you will learn how to enhance and optimize your web experience for Foldable devices using Device Posture API and Viewport Segment Media Query. We'll also take a closer look at how Samsung Internet protects users’ privacy online.

Sessions Mobile, Enterprise, Developer Program

Google and Samsung strengthen enterprise ecosystem together

Samsung’s Global Mobile B2B team is working closely with the Android Enterprise team to build a Galaxy ecosystem of partners who are bringing innovation into workplaces. Discover how partner solutions create unique experiences on Samsung devices and how we plan to work together to help future partners step into the Samsung Android ecosystem for enterprises and SMBs.

Sessions Contents & Service, Developer Program, Enterprise

HDR10+/SALT and automatic HDR video creations for productions

HDR10+ is an essential technology for premium HDR viewing experience and it is widely reach to consumer displays including mobile devices. In order to provide HDR content services, it requires changing service provider's infra structure or workflows and video processing technology from SDR to HDR with a lot of engineering efforts. Then, HDR10+/SALT solutions and partnership program from Samsung is designed to build an extremely cost effective automatic solution up for content creators, post production houses and OTT service providers even including game developers. the solution package is designed with various standalone applications, reference APPs, SDKs on various OSes and partnership programs to help 3rd parties for creation of HDR contents. HDR10+/SALT partnership program provides full compatibility to HDR10+ LLC certification program and major studios, OTT service providers and tool makers are already partners of the program and Samsung provides them the best HDR content quality.

Sessions Developer Program, Open Innovation, Health

Healthcare research hub

Our open source project provides end-to-end solutions such as SDK, platform, and portal for various use cases from medical research studies to clinician services using wearable devices. Medical research does not have to stay complicated. Anyone can easily build and customize their own research studies or clinician services using this open source. Recently, as the accuracy of sensors installed on wearable devices has improved, interest in healthcare research using wearable health data is increasing. However, it takes a lot of time for researchers to develop research applications and server infrastructure for storing and analyzing data from scratch. SR is developing Android SDK and data platform solutions that support healthcare research using health data from our wearable devices (Watch 4 and later versions) and provide them as open source in order to solve the pain points of these researchers and establish a digital health care research ecosystem centered on our wearable devices.

Sessions IoT, Monetization, Smart Appliances

Home Connectivity Alliance

Introduction of Home Connectivity Alliance and how appliance manufactures can enable interoperability across brands. Hear how HCA interoperability can benefit consumers and partners including B2B (home builders, MFU, etc). Join the HCA and become a leader in innovation within the connected IoT ecosystem.

Sessions AI, AR

Immersive audio

We will demonstrate an audio system with dramatically improved Immersive 3D Audio Experience. Hardware will be similar to Samsung’s critically acclaimed HW-Q990B SoundBar, but will include several new technologies that will be found in future Samsung products. These technologies automatically correct for room acoustics and the location of the listeners and loudspeakers. Visitors will compare the sound of the system before and after the system’s unique automated calibration process. Listeners will enjoy improved spatial and timbral performance in stereo, surround and immersive audio formats with both music and cinematic content.

Sessions Security & Privacy

Introducing Blockchain Wallet with Knox Vault

In this session, we introduce Blockchain Wallet for Samsung Smart TV. Blockchain Wallet allows our smart TV users to manage their blockchain accounts and transfer their cryptocurrency to another blockchain account. It ensures to retain a key for blockchain transactions in a secure way. DApp developers can build their TV DApp with Blockchain Wallet for blockchain functions such as blockchain connection and transaction signing. Knox Vault is an enhanced hardware-based security solution to protect sensitive data such as cryptographic keys, passwords and personal data. Knox Vault provides strong security guarantees against hardware attacks such as physical attack, side-channel attack and fault attack. As a core component of the Knox security platform, Knox Vault is an isolated, tamper-proof, secure subsystem with its own secure processor and memory.

Sessions Developer Program, Enterprise, Android

Introducing Samsung Galaxy camera ecosystem

Discover how advanced camera technologies, based on Samsung’s leading hardware and software, can enable developers to create more powerful camera experiences for their users. We will take a look at some of the incredible partnerships Samsung has already formed with numerous app developers and reveal how these collaborations enriched users’ camera experiences.

Sessions Mobile, Android, Productivity

Intuitive multitasking experience based upon Android 12L

Join us to see how Samsung continues to enhance the large screen user experience further with fast app switching and intuitive multitasking capabilities. To maximize the Galaxy foldable experience, we're expanding Flex Mode even further with more apps and partners as well as Google's ongoing collaborative effort in Android 12L.

Sessions IoT, Mobile, UWB

Joint efforts on standardization toward open ecosystem of UWB services

The presentation will introduce Samsung's joint efforts with industry partners on the UWB tech/service standardization, which is essential for creating an interoperable open ecosystem of UWB products and services. Especially, it will introduce activities at FiRa Consortium, which was established by Samsung jointly with industry leaders to provide interoperability specifications as well as certification programs. It may also include target UWB services and relevant standardization status & plan.

Sessions AR, Game, Tizen

Journey to immersive interactive Exp in big screen with XR and Avatar FW

XR Framework WebAPIs enable developers to build XR applications on the Tizen platform. We will go over features of the WebAPIs, share some demos, and provide information on how to get started. Additionally we will show you a sample code of how to capture and handle user's gestures and full body movement. Avatar Framework for Tizen is a unified solution providing high level APIs that allow Samsung developers to easily include the 3D avatar models and features in their Samsung TV applications. We will go over all the cool features and options of our framework in this video.

Sessions Connectivity, Android, Mobile

LE audio: The future of wireless sound

Introducing LE audio: a new standard for Bluetooth technology on Galaxy devices. LE audio will enhance the performance of classic Bluetooth audio and introduce isochronous communication, creating whole new wireless audio experience on Galaxy devices. In this session, we will introduce the technical features of LE audio, what it means for the Galaxy UX and how you could enhance wireless audio experience of your app with LE audio.

Sessions Design, UI/UX

One UI design principles in partnership

One UI creates a unified experience across our Galaxy devices, from phones and tablets to watches and Galaxy Books. In creating and refining One UI, we've followed four key principles: simplicity, effortlessness, consistency, and authenticity. With One UI, we've also made a commitment to openness, which means some of the best things in One UI come from partnerships. In this session, we'll talk about some of those partnerships and how we aligned them with our four design principles to get great results.

Sessions UI/UX, Design, Android

One UI: Customer centric design

One UI starts with a true understanding what our customers want. Hear more about what Samsung have learned from listening to extensive customer feedback and usage data, and how we have adapted our designs in response. We'll take a look at some real-life examples of how the UX design of the Calendar, Settings and Samsung Health app has evolved over time to better meet customer needs.

Sessions Enterprise, Data, Security & Privacy

Our journey to responsibly handling data

At Samsung, we place personal data protection as one of our top priorities. Learn how we responsibly handle personal data in our applications and platforms. We'll share with you our journey in protecting personal data. We'll talk about what it means to responsibly govern and access data in Samsung's enterprise environment. We'll cover specifics on how to classify & protect data as a whole. Pick up insights on privacy technologies and design patterns we apply in our data intensive applications today.

Sessions Developer Program, Tizen, UI/UX

PRISM: The new UX development tool and process

In today’s environment of rapid and unpredictable transformation, establishing a creative and increasingly collaborative tech culture is one of the most challenging requirements. In this session, we would like to introduce a new method to revolutionize the Tizen platform-based app development process. A new development process named PRISM automates most of the inefficient overheads from design to implementation of App UI, innovatively improving app development productivity. We will introduce PRISM-based development process and deliver this innovative app development culture to developers through the sessions.

Sessions Developer Program, Smart Appliances, Tizen

Remote test lab: What’s new in TV development environment

The current Tizen TV development environment, represented by Emulator and TV, is a very limited support method for developers. Depending on the version of Emulator, the latest features currently supported by the TV may not be available, and various models of physical TVs may be required to verify actual operation. RTL TV tries to overcome the limitations of the current development environment.

Sessions Contents & Service, Monetization, Data

Samsung TV Plus: The advanced Ad-Tech and partnerships that fund Free TV

Samsung’s Free Ad-Supported TV (FAST) Service “TV Plus” has been a breakout success. Although it looks and feels like traditional TV, it is anything but! Behind the scenes of this slick TV & Mobile experience is high-performance technology, vast amounts of data & algorithms, and a thriving partner ecosystem. Join this session to learn more about the mind-boggling world of advertising technology, how it works, and how multiple companies come together to provide free TV to millions of consumers worldwide.

Sessions Android, Contents & Service

Samsung Wallet, it's convenient, personal and safe

As the growth of digital wallets skyrockets, Samsung recently announced Samsung Wallet – a new platform bringing almost all of the cards you’d typically find in a physical wallet, as well as important documents, into one easy-to-use and secure mobile application. As Samsung Wallet rapidly expands its content set, find out more about the future of digital wallets and how open API’s can allow developers to build integrations for this service.

Sessions IoT, Security & Privacy

SmartThings Edge: The next level experience

Discover how Samsung is transitioning the SmartThings-published Groovy DTHs to Edge drivers while maintaining a seamless experience for our users. We’ll walk through the process of onboarding Edge-based devices and how to set up an automation with an Edge device that runs locally.

Sessions IoT, Monetization, Smart Appliances

SmartThings Energy Service

Introduction of SmartThings Energy service and how partners (energy companies, smart device mfgs, etc) can integrate to provide a seamless energy management service for their consumers leveraging Samsung's SmartThings Energy ecosystem.

Sessions IoT, Contents & Service, Open Innovation

SmartThings Find: Find alongside 200+ million users

SmartThings Find is Samsung’s fastest growing service, powered by more than 200 million Galaxy users. Discover some of the new features and functions added over the past year and learn how partners can leverage the service to innovate their own solutions to meet the needs of businesses and consumers alike.

Sessions IoT, Contents & Service, Open Innovation

SmartThings platform enhancements for openness and Interoperability

The SmartThings platform continues to evolve to promote openness and interoperability. In this session, we will share some exciting new updates to the SmartThings platform to support Matter and Thread, and discuss the Home Connectivity Alliance.

Sessions Health, Tizen

Telehealth in Samsung devices

Samsung display device (Smart TVs & Smart monitors) users will be able to launch telemedicine service within the Samsung products. Once you pick your physician, you can use one of the approved USB cameras to connect to the TV and jump on a video call with a physician via external service provider's built-in web applications. After a few account setup process on mobile / PC, you can easily start your session any time on TV without any additional complicated inputs. At your session, you can also receive a prescription to be filled in at a mail-in online pharmacy (PC or mobile) to receive prescription drugs at your doorstep.

Sessions Open Innovation, Enterprise, Productivity

The next generation Samsung retail solutions

In a mobile-first world, device convergence, simplification, ergonomically designed accessories, SW solutions and the connected Galaxy ecosystem are helping to boost productivity and efficiency in the retail industry. In this session, we will explore how the next generation of retail solutions are shaping the industry’s future and will take a closer look at Samsung’s three major retail solutions - Data Capturing, Payment, and Push-To-Talk.

Sessions Developer Program, Mobile, Android

The Samsung Knox Partner program: Partner success journey

The Samsung Knox Partner Program (KPP) equips you with everything you need to build ideas and market your mobile solutions. In this session, we will take a look at some of our partners’ solutions and how collaborating with the Samsung KPP has helped enhance their user experience. Join us to see why KPP is causing a stir in the business developer community!

Sessions Enterprise, Tizen

Tizen everywhere

This session highlighted Samsung's direction and goals for the Enterprise and B2B markets, focused on taking Tizen to the next level on so many platforms. Various Enterpriser Displays based on Tizen and solutions suitable for business purposes will always be together. Tizen Enterprise Platform will provide all the technology infrastructure you need, including the Samsung Developers portal for B2B for developer support and the Samsung Apps TV Seller Office for custom application support in your own business. After announcing "Tizen Open" at SDC in 2019, Samsung established licensing system to provide Tizen TV OS to other TV makers. In order for partners to develop Tizen TV products faster, Samsung prepared Reference TV solution. In Europe, Australia, Türkiye, Tizen TVs have been released sequentially through more than 10 TV brands since September 22.

Sessions Wearable, Design, Android

Watch Face Studio's first journey and expectation for next

A must-have to create beautiful watch faces! Watch Face Studio (WFS) is now a little over a year old. Hear the developers of WSH share the highs and lows of bringing the tool to life and meet the designers responsible for creating the Eco watch face. This session is an insight into the year-long journey to create WFS – and the story of where we’re going next.

Sessions IoT, Tizen, UI/UX

What's new in Tizen?

Are you curious about the direction in which Intelligent IoT Platform “Tizen” is developing? This session introduces UI assistant technology and extended 3D UI framework for providing advanced user experience, and explains innovative technologies that make run the Tizen platform on top of the Android hardware abstraction layer to facilitate securing new HWs. And introduce the IoT standard 'Matter', which will be newly supported on Tizen. Finally, we provide a guide and tip for cross platform application development.

Sessions AI, IoT, Smart Appliances

What’s new in Bixby for Smart Home

Bixby brings the smart home experience to life with the power of voice. Find out how our new tool, Bixby Home Studio, will enable device manufacturers to build more intelligent, more engaging voice experiences for SmartThings-connected devices.

Sessions Mobile, Design, UI/UX

What’s new in One UI 5

One UI 5 pushes personalization and productivity to the next level. Explore new features that enable you to build a Galaxy experience that reflects your personal style and help you to get more done on all your devices, wherever or whenever you need to.