Samsung is the #1 mobile handset maker in the world, with flagship devices like the Galaxy S-Series and Note-series.

The global revenue for mobile gaming is estimated to be $90.7 billion in 20211 and will grow to $95.4 billion in 20222. A large amount of this revenue will be generated by Samsung devices. Many game publishers know, using their in-app analytics, that Samsung devices represent the largest revenue source per Android OEM.

Organic discovery to find Galaxy device users

Galaxy Store is an ideal distribution channel to reach Galaxy device users. As many game publishers know, user acquisition requires large budgets. With hundreds of millions of monthly active users and downloads, Galaxy Store is the central marketplace for Galaxy device users. Galaxy Store is where users organically discover amazing games, and exclusive and differentiated applications created by Samsung and third parties.

Gaming Hub is the high-engagement gaming experience. Pre-Loaded on most Galaxy devices, gamers discover new featured titles resulting in billions of page views. Games are also featured in other Samsung touchpoints like Galaxy Themes Store, Samsung Pay, Bixby, Samsung Daily, and in regional push notifications, creating a high-engagement premium marketing channel reaching the global Galaxy user base.

Samsung IAP integration is easy—we reduce the time to market by providing examples, beta testing, and technical support.
Third-party attribution is essential and supported: game publishers have used Branch, Appsflyer and Adjust for side-by-side conversion measurement.

Galaxy Store Statistics provides game publishers additional useful metrics like downloads, conversion, subscription, top SEO keywords, attribution channels, and Galaxy Store Badge linking.

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