Create and Manage Your Seller Brands

As an individual seller, you may want to mask your own first and last name with your own brand name. Use the Copyright Holder field when you add a new app to Seller Portal to accomplish this.

For all commercial or noncommercial apps, your business name displayed in each app product detail page can be either your seller name that is registered in your Seller Portal account, or another name, such as a brand name of your own choosing, that is entered in the Copyright Holder field of each app’s registration.

Figure 1. Product detail page

Figure 2. Seller brand page

Figure 3. Seller Info page

When you submit a new app or modify an existing one, complete the fields in your Profile - Brand Info page:

  • Seller's legal name: Spencer (first name), Price (last name, or surname). This information must match seller's financial documents for commercial seller approval.
  • Seller's brand name: Render (taken from the Profile - Brand Info field in Seller Portal). Sellers can update this information at any time.

To complete the Copyright Holder field, click Add New App and select Advanced Mode. Scroll down to see the Copyright Holder field.

  • Copyright Holder: Render Watch Faces (entered in Copyright Holder field from each app submission). Sellers can update this information at any time.

Your Seller Info page now shows your brand name: