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Galaxy Store is a premium app store designed specifically for Galaxy device users that offers a boutique store experience. It is where users organically discover amazing games, and exclusive and differentiated applications created by Samsung and third parties. Galaxy Store is focused on providing quality app experiences, app promotions, campaigns, rewards, and exclusive offers.

Marketing and promotions

Available in over 180 countries, market your app to the hundreds of millions of active Galaxy device users who download billions of apps from Galaxy Store. Reach these users with promotions for Galaxy Themes.

You can request to promote your app in Galaxy Store when your app meets the selection criteria. You may qualify to be part of a collection of apps that fit a trending topic.

Example of collections in Galaxy Store that promote apps

Samsung also provides marketing resources, such as the Galaxy Store badge, that help you promote your app in social media or other areas outside of Galaxy Store.

Link users directly to your app in Galaxy Store using the Galaxy Store badge

Positive customer reviews can help you grow sales by influencing users who consider other users’ reviews before downloading an app. Ask your customers to review your app by directly connecting them from your app to your Galaxy Store app review page using a Galaxy Store review link.

Link your customers directly to your app review page


Looking for like-minded people who share your passion for creating apps? Connect with other developers in the Samsung Developer Forums by asking or responding to questions or sharing ideas about the Samsung app ecosystem. Read our blogs to learn about the latest technology and trends.

If you still can’t find the information you’re looking for, contact us by submitting a request to the Developer Support team.

In-App purchase and Samsung Galaxy SDKs

With Samsung In-App Purchase (IAP), Galaxy Store can provide you a new revenue stream and opens the opportunity to diversify your sales. IAP is Samsung’s payment service that makes it possible to sell items, such as virtual goods or subscriptions, in your applications. Samsung provides examples, beta testing, and technical support to help with the integration of the SDK and server APIs, reducing time-to-market.

Samsung also provides a collection of SDKs, services, and tools to help you create and develop your apps for Galaxy devices.

Access to Galaxy devices

If you don’t own a Galaxy device, use the Remote Test Lab service to test your applications on a real device. These are actual devices that you access through the web. Save on hardware costs and test the compatibility of your app on multiple devices.

Performance, metrics, and user attribution

Galaxy Store Statistics (GSS) is a free and exclusive tool that can be used to track and monitor Galaxy Store app performance and metrics like downloads, conversion, subscription, top SEO keywords, attribution channels, and Galaxy Store badge linking. GSS also provides user acquisition reports that measure user attribution and breaks down the numbers by channel, source, keywords, and featured placement (attribution from Galaxy Store banners or icons).

Track app performance using Galaxy Store Statistics

Additionally, Galaxy Store is integrated with several third-party attribution platforms. App publishers have used platforms such as Adjust, AppsFlyer, Branch, Kochava, and Singular for side-by-side conversion measurement.

Galaxy games

Galaxy Store has its own merchandising and marketing opportunities for game developers. Game developers who meet pre-requisites around quality, downloads, ratings, and reviews can be considered to be featured in Galaxy Store game collections, banners, marketing promotions, and campaigns.

Games are featured in the Samsung app ecosystem. For example, pre-loaded on most Galaxy devices, Gaming Hub is the high-engagement gaming experience where gamers discover new featured titles resulting in billions of page views. Games are also featured in Galaxy Themes Store, Samsung Pay, Bixby, Samsung Daily, and in regional push notifications, creating a high-engagement premium marketing channel reaching the global Galaxy user base.

Become one of our top sellers and you may qualify for the fast app review process, allowing you to publish your games in Galaxy Store in five minutes after submission.

Learn more about the advantages of selling your game in Galaxy Store and how to get started in Galaxy Store Games.

Galaxy Watch for Tizen and Themes

Have an idea for a watch face or theme for your Galaxy device? Use Galaxy Watch Studio for Tizen or Galaxy Themes Studio to develop your designs without having to learn how to code.

When you’re ready to start selling your designs, you can direct users to your seller brand page, which is a portfolio of all of your offerings. Your loyal customers can check this page often to view your latest creations.

Your Galaxy Store seller brand page highlights the newest and most popular designs in your portfolio

Galaxy Store also provides a channel where customers can purchase Galaxy Watch for Tizen apps for a Galaxy Watch synced with a non-Samsung device (the support available in each store channel may differ among countries and between paid apps and free apps).

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