Access Regional Galaxy Stores Using a Country-Specific SIM Card

Test your app in Galaxy Store, including Themes, for different countries and regions. For example, perhaps you are located in Italy and your phone shows Galaxy Store and Themes Store in euros and in Italian, but you want to see how your content appears in the United States, in U.S. dollars, and in English.


You need:

  • A (nano) SIM card from the country you want Galaxy Store to show. The SIM card can be pre- or post-paid. If pre-paid, the SIM does not need to be part of an active subscription or have a balance.
  • A Samsung mobile device that is not locked to a cellular operator.
  1. On the mobile device, go to Settings.

    a. To clear the cache, navigate to Apps > Galaxy Store or Galaxy Themes > Storage.
    b. Select Clear cache.

  2. Power down the mobile device, and insert the SIM card.

  3. Start the mobile device, and start Galaxy Store.

  4. If your mobile device does not have a language pack, you can install it now:

    a. Navigate to Settings > General management > Language and input > Language > Select + Add language.
    b. Select the desired language and region.
    c. Navigate to Settings > General management > Language and input > On-screen keyboard > Samsung Keyboard > Languages and types.
    d. Select Manage input languages, and enable the desired language, downloading as prompted.

  5. Find a paid item in Galaxy Store, and verify that it shows the price in local currency; e.g., Hong Kong - HK$, USA - $, and so on.