Social Promotion

Promoting your content on social media is an effective way to engage an audience and attract new customers. We want to help and work with you to promote your content across all social channels. We've also provided some guidelines for your social media promotion.

To support your promotions, we have created social media kits to help you get started creating posts for major social media platforms (Adobe Photoshop is required).

Social media promotion guidelines

When you publish your post on social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, consider the following:

  • Use applicable hashtags from the list of relevant hashtags.

  • Create and use Galaxy Store badges and URLs. This is an image and short links to your app or brand page in Galaxy Store. If you are measuring conversion rates by channel in the Galaxy Store Statistics system, don't use a hyphen in the tag name.

  • Write a descriptive and catchy post. Don't be afraid to get inspired!

  • Style your post creatively and make it stand out with strong images, videos, or emojis.

  • Focus on providing quality posts, not a large quantity of posts.

Writing copy for your posts

Including high-resolution shots of your app, theme, or watch face is essential, but how are potential customers supposed to really know if your content is right for them?

The best way to ensure you’re attracting potential customers is by including the important information and unique features of your app directly in the copy of your posts. Also, make sure to limit your hashtags to six or fewer as too many can be distracting.

Copy with no image or description Copy with image and describing important features
Watch Face Name ->MY HEALTH WATCH

Watch Face Link ->

#SamsungGalaxy #SamsungGear #SamsungWatch #Samsung #SmartWatch #Wearable #ClockFace #DialFace #WearableTech #Watch #GalaxyApps #WatchAddict #WatchNerd #WatchGeek #Tizen #WatchFace #WatchFaces #WatchFaceoftheDay #GalaxyWatchStudio #WatchFaceDesign #GalaxyWatchDevelopers #GalaxyWatchActive2 #GalaxyWatchActive #GalaxyWatch #GearS3Frontier #GearS3

Looking for a watch face built with sports performance in mind? Check out MY HEALTH WATCH which features step counts, heart rate, moving distance indicator, weather, and more. Time format and colors are customizable and it’s battery friendly!

Watch Face Name -> MY HEALTH WATCH

Watch Face Link->

#GalaxyWatch #WatchFaces