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In the last two updates of Seller Portal, the Galaxy Store Seller Portal team included enhancements for beta testing. And this month, they’ve done it again. The latest Seller Portal update introduces multiple and simultaneous closed beta testing and the ability to manage your beta apps using the Galaxy Store Developer API.

Run up to six beta tests simultaneously

A previous enhancement allowed you to run both an open and closed beta test at the same time. Now, you can have up to five (5) closed beta tests and one (1) open beta test for one app running at the same time. That’s a total of six (6) beta tests being run at the same time for the same app!

Why run multiple beta tests for the same app? You could run a beta test for a bug fix and another for an upcoming major release. You could test different features with different users which can help you to decide what to include in the next release of your app.

And, with your beta test apps grouped and located below your commercially distributed app in Seller Portal, you can easily see and keep track of each beta test version of your app.

Each beta test app has an automatically-generated prefix added to its name. However, you can edit the app name as you wish.

To take advantage of this feature, the following is required:

  • Testers must have Galaxy Store version installed.
  • You must use the closed beta URLs generated after May 25, 2021, which contain the content ID. URLs generated before May 25th do not contain the content ID and, if used, may not direct the tester to the correct version of the app.

Distribute and manage your beta test apps using the Galaxy Store Developer API

The Galaxy Store Developer API is a set of server-to-server APIs that allow you to manage apps, manage in-app items, and check app statistics without accessing Seller Portal. Use the APIs to programmatically access the same types of functionality provided by Galaxy Store Seller Portal.

The Content Publish API is used to view, modify, submit, and change the status of apps registered in Galaxy Store Seller Portal. The IAP Publish API is used to view, register, modify, and remove Samsung In-App Purchase (IAP) items. Finally, the GSS (Galaxy Store Statistics) Metric API is used to get statistics about apps registered in Galaxy Store.

Start managing your commercially distributed apps and beta test apps programmatically using the Galaxy Store Developer API.

Seller Portal update announcements

If you missed any of our announcements about enhancements to beta testing, you can find the information in the Enhancements for Beta Testing Apps in Seller Portal and May Updates for Galaxy Seller Portal Are Here! blogs.

You can also opt-in to receive the Seller Portal newsletter to find out what has been updated in Seller Portal each month. The June newsletter includes tips about beta testing such as configuring licensed testers, responding to tester’s comments, and much more. Subscribe or unsubscribe from the newsletter in the Email Notifications section of your Seller Portal profile.

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