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This guide helps you register your .NET application on the Samsung Apps TV Seller Office.

Samsung Apps TV Seller Office is the official system for TV application certification and management. Sign in with your Samsung account.

When you first sign up, you are automatically designated a public seller. Public sellers can distribute applications only in the United States. If you are interested in registering applications outside of the US, visit here to request a partnership.

Register the application

  1. On the Seller Office main page, navigate to .NET App Registration.
  2. Click App Registration.
  3. Enter the application name.
  4. Complete the following four registration steps:

1. Basic information

Define basic information about the application, country, and seller.

  • For public sellers: The default Country is United States of America.

  • The App Title under Language should be the same as the Label in the tizen-manifest.xml. Otherwise, the 2. Pre-Test step (shown below) fails.

  • Icon images and screenshots are required.

2. Application upload

Upload the application package, and complete 2. Pre-Test.

  • If "Fail Error" appears at the 2. Pre-Test step, scroll down to see the error message in the Pre-Test Result Details. The screen-size error message is shown like below:

  • Navigate to the tizen-manifest.xml and add the screen-size feature:

3. Test information

Next, input information necessary for certification and verification.

  • Provide information for the App Description file. A template file with UI structure, usage scenario, and other information is provided for you to download.

4. Preview and submit

Preview the application registration information, and click Submit.

Visit here to see the detailed application registration process guide.