Samsung Apps TV Seller Office

Samsung Apps TV Seller Office( is the official system for Smart TV apps certification and management. It provides all the features needed to submit your application for verification test, get feedback from Samsung team, manage app versions, usage statistics and metadata. It also contains automatic pre-test tools for immediate feedback about your application and a dedicated 1:1Q&A board for direct assistance from Samsung engineers.

App Distribution Workflow

Partnership App Registration Certification Management

Sign Up
Request Partnership
Group Management

App Info Registration
App Upload & Pre-Test
Submit App Version

Defect Resolution

App Service Change
1:1 Q&A

Samsung Checkout

Samsung Checkout provides a seamless purchase experience on Smart TV where consumers can register their payment methods safely and make payments with minimal number of clicks in a TV environment. Samsung Checkout also provides a comprehensive global monetization platform empowering developers and content providers to integrate various business models and promotional campaigns into their services.

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How to be Partner

You can request a partnership online if a prior agreement has been made with the Samsung Contents Manager. After registering the basic company information and getting it approved by the Content Manager, your company becomes a partner group. Partner groups can provide services in all countries, including the United States.

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Launch Checklist

The guide contains an essential checklist of  basic functionality and service policies. It will help increase the validation pass rate of your application and ensure the application quality before submission.

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Tech Support

Once you’ve become a partner of Samsung Smart TV, you can have a dedicated technical support from Samsung Engineering team in developing applications.

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Auto Pre-Test Tool

You can perform pre-test while uploading app package before the actual certification step. It will help in detecting critical defects before submitting the app. All test cases of this tool are provided in Launch Checklist.

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