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Playrix Gardenscapes—Part 2

In this second blog of a two part series, Maxim Kirilenko, Chief Business Development Officer at Playrix, chats with Samsung Developer's Senior Marketing Manager, Jeanne Hsu, about Playrix and Gardenscapes.

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Plug into “Connected Thinking” at #SDC2017 – The Can’t-Miss Developer Event

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Podcast Movement 2021: Highlights for Podcasters

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Podcast Movement 2022: The World’s Largest Podcasting Conference

Tony Morelan recently attended Podcast Movement and he talks about his experiences

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Prime Time Design: Unpacking the Creative Process with John Shih from X9 Studio

featured Health, Design, Galaxy Watch

Prime Time Design: Unpacking the Creative Process with Pedro Machado from Health Face

featured Design, Galaxy Watch

Prime Time Design: Unpacking the Creative Process with Ramon Campos from Friss in Motion

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PWA Series: ? Discovery and Interview of Nick from

Samsung Internet cares a lot about Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), which is why we decided to feature some awesome PWAs that we found online.

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Reading Body Composition Data with Galaxy Watch via Health Connect API

The Samsung Health application exchanges data with the Health Connect API. Learn how to synchronize body composition health data measured by a Galaxy Watch.

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Reboot Recap: Seriously Explicit Lessons In Vulkan

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Redeeming Push Notifications

You know that thing where you go to a web site then, before you can do anything, you have to acknowledge the push notification request. Do you hate that? Yeah, me too.

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Refresh for Success: Improve Your Process and De-Clutter Your Galaxy Store with Drazen Stojcic from Urarity

Spring is here and it’s a good time to clean house in your digital world. Here’s some advice to help you refine your processes and Galaxy Store presence in our new ‘Refresh for Success’ series, starting with Drazen Stojcic from Urarity.

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Refresh for Success: Improve Your Process to Keep Designs Fresh with Tan Nguyen from butterfly-effected, GmbH

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Refresh for Success: Maintain Quality Themes Design with Olga Gabay from Zeru Studio

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Reintroducing: The W3C Developer Council ?

This autumn the W3 Developer Council is making a comeback to the web space, so allow us to reintroduce ourselves.

Remembering the Top Moments of SDC from Years Past
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Remembering the Top Moments of SDC from Years Past

Memories from our favorite event, from the Samsung Developer Relations team

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Remote Device Manager, An Easy Way to Launch Your Application with Tizen Studio

Tizen Studio Remote Device Manager provides an easy way to connect, disconnect, and deploy projects from Tizen Studio to Tizen-enabled devices when all devices are on the same network.

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Remote Test Lab v2.0 new features

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Remote Test Lab: Testing Your App with Auto Repeat

This blog introduces Auto Repeat, which is a tool that lets you create a test scenario automatically, repeat the same test several times, and reuse the test later.

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Responsive Design: The Dark Mode

As promised in my last post, I bring you a dark mode tutorial ?.

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Rovio’s Laura de Llorens Garcia Says Good Game Design Starts with Putting the Player First

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Sabrina Carmona Focuses on Player Motivation to Create Games for Everyone

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Samsung and Wrike: Helping You Reach Peak Productivity Anywhere

Samsung and Wrike have teamed up to elevate the Wrike mobile app on Galaxy devices.

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Samsung at the MIT Grand Hack, Part 1

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Samsung at the MIT Grand Hack, Part 2: Insomniax

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Samsung at the MIT Grand Hack, Part 3: Promentia

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Samsung at the MIT Grand Hack: Using Technology to Promote Healthcare Innovation

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Samsung Developer Conference 2019 Presale Tickets Available Now

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Samsung Developer Conference 2019: Day 1 Recap

Developers, designers, and partners all gathered in the San Jose Convention Center for Day 1 of SDC19.

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Samsung Developer Conference 2019: Day 2 Recap

We started our morning at Fit @ SDC with Under Armour before heading to the Spotlight Session.

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Samsung Developer Conference 2021: Recap

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Samsung Developer Conference: T-7 Weeks and Counting


Samsung Developers Top 10 Moments of 2021

A recap of another memorable year

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Samsung Enhances Remote Test Lab Program to Support Developers Worldwide

Developers get a chance to test new apps virtually and remotely on thousands of Samsung Galaxy devices worldwide


Samsung Galaxy Watch Active and Wearable Emulator Without the Rotating Bezel

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Samsung Habla Español

No pierdas la oportunidad de conectar con otros desarrolladores hispanohablantes en Samsung.

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Samsung Habla Español: Desarrollo de Aplicaciones con Tizen

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Samsung Internet 12.1

One benefit of using Samsung Internet is regular updates to improve your browsing experience. Samsung Internet 12.1 focuses on improving the experience on specific devices and improving the tab bar and tab switcher.

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Samsung Internet 13.0 BETA

Today we are happy to announce our latest Samsung Internet Beta which includes new features, enhancement to existing features and UI refinements. We will go through the most notable changes available with this beta, that will be hitting 13.0 stable later this year. You can download the beta here.

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Samsung Internet 13.2

Today we are happy to announce another big update to Samsung Internet. You can try it out as a beta today or soon in the stable release. This release continues our drive of giving a smooth user experience, allowing you to change Samsung Internet to your needs.

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Samsung Internet 14.2 Beta

From upgrading some features like moving elements to improve usability or dark (forced mode) to continue taking care of users' privacy, the Samsung Internet is committed to delivering a great user experience.

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Samsung Internet Newsletter: February 2022

The Samsung Internet Developer Advocacy team is starting off 2022 with a foray into the innovative and exciting arena of ... email

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Samsung Internet Newsletter: March 2022

Catch up on what the Samsung Internet team has been up to and what you can look forward to.

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Samsung “Global Goals Web” Debuts

Not long ago, Samsung introduced its Global Goals partnership with the UN as a way to help fight inequality, plan to eliminate hunger and clean up the planet. The initiative, developed by a team in Samsung Research America, was a great way to discover each of the 17 goals agreed by the world leaders at the United Nations General Assembly in 2015. The app (linked below), is a great way to put your device to work for the greater good, features interesting wallpapers, information, and allows you to display ads on the lock screen to earn revenue for donations. This app is available for every Android device so you can start earning donations now (see link below).

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Save the Date for the 2020 Best of Galaxy Store Awards

The Best of Galaxy Store awards recognizes the top games, apps, themes, watch faces, and new this year, Bixby capsules.


SDC 2018 Recap from the Tizen team

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SDC2017 Registration is Now Open – Technical Sessions and Workshops Announced

SDC22 Developer Announcements
events Mobile, Health, Game, AI, IoT

SDC22 Developer Announcements

Experience SDC22 all over again–from reading developer highlights to accessing the tech sessions on-demand.

Chris Shomo of Infinity Watchfaces Shares His Experiences
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SDC22: Chris Shomo of Infinity Watchfaces Shares His Experiences

Chris Shomo of Infinity Watchfaces Shares His Experiences

Nicolás Castro from Bergen Fondly Remembers SDC2018
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SDC22: Nicolás Castro from Bergen Fondly Remembers SDC2018

A success story interview with the founder of Bergen

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Seamless UI Experience of Your App for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2

Maintaining the legacy of foldable technology, Samsung recently released the new Galaxy Z Fold2. This device is designed to provide a new and seamless experience to users with its Infinity Flex Display. As a developer, you can adjust your app to provide the best UI experience to your users. In this blog, we will demonstrate how a stopwatch app can be modified to adjust with Galaxy Z Fold2 devices.

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Seamlessly Integrate “Add to Wallet” for Samsung Wallet

How to integrate your digital content with Samsung Wallet.

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Security: The Crucial Piece in Enterprise Software


See What's Happening At SDC19

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Seller Portal 2022 Q1 Updates

Read about two key updates to Seller Portal in 2022 Q1

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Seller Portal 2022 Q2 Latest News

A reminder about changes to requirements for Android apps and themes and read about the updates for IAP, themes, the Help tab, and Galaxy Store Statistics from the last quarter.

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Seller Portal Enhancements for 2021

Discover Seller Portal enhancement highlights and plans for 2021.

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Seller Portal Updates, News, and Announcements for September

September updates, news, and announcements for Seller Portal

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Seller Portal, What's New in August

Check out the latest updates to Seller Portal!

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Seller Portal, What's New in October 2021

October updates and announcements from the Seller Portal team.