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Develop: Brighton Recap

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Developing a Matter IoT Application with the SmartThings Home API

SmartThings provides Home APIs to help you quickly develop IoT applications that can use the SmartThings ecosystem without needing to build your own IoT ecosystem.

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Developing Mobile Games with Phaser

Start developing games with the Phaser framework.

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Devs Doing it Right: Hitcents and ThroughLine Games

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Diego Lizarazo Rivera Discusses the Samsung Developer Ecosystem with AiLive

Sr. Developer Evangelist at Samsung, Diego Lizarazo Rivera spoke with AiLive about app and game development

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Display Notifications on a Galaxy Watch Running Wear OS Powered by Samsung

Enhance your Galaxy Watch app by implementing notifications and review notification policies.

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Diving into the Client Types in Health Services

Learn more about how to use ExerciseClient, MeasureClient, and PassiveMonitoringClient of Health Services.

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Do More with Gyro: What Designers Need to Know

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Docs Help Make the Web Open

The web doesn’t have a marketing team. It doesn’t have a single developer program you can sign up to. And it doesn’t have a manual. That’s by design. Like the Internet, the web isn’t controlled by any single entity. But this decentralisation can also be a pain for web developers and designers.

Easily Create Watch Face Assets for Google Play Store Listings by Tony Morelan
tutorials Galaxy Watch, Marketplace

Easily Create Watch Face Assets for Google Play Store Listings

Quickly and easily export the required graphic assets for your watch app for Galaxy Watch on Wear OS powered by Samsung.

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Enable Water Lock Mode in Galaxy Watch Using Tizen Web App

Water lock mode was introduced on the Galaxy Watch to prevent accidental touches and wake-up gestures on your screen while swimming. And the thrilling news for developers is that you can enable Water lock mode directly from your app.

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Energy in Schools with SmartThings

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Enhancements for Beta Testing Apps in Seller Portal

Announcing two enhancements for beta testing apps in Seller Portal: test any app at any time and run open and closed beta tests simultaneously!

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Ensuring Secure Purchases Using the Samsung IAP Server API

Samsung IAP offers server APIs to verify a purchase. This blog explains the necessity of having own server and how this server can be used to validate a purchase.

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Event Recap: Intelligence of Things in Brazil

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Event: SmartThings at Austin IoT Meetup!

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Event: SmartThings at MobiSys Conference

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Event: SmartThings at San Francisco IoT Meetup!

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Event: SmartThings at Seattle IoT Hub Meetup!

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Events Monitoring

The Health Services API provides a way to receive a fall detection event. Learn the most efficient technique.

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Exciting Things Are Coming to Galaxy Store Publishers

tutorials Health, Galaxy Watch

Exercise statistics monitoring

Health Services provide multiple ways of aggregating your exercise progress. Learn the most efficient techniques.

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Farewell, Flat. Get Your Apps Ready for Galaxy Z Fold2

Learn how Flex mode, App Continuity, and Multi-Active Window impact your application.

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Features of the Samsung Developers Portal that You Might've Missed

Learn more about the Samsung Developers Portal.

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Finding Performance Bottlenecks with dotnet-trace

Learn how to profile a Tizen .NET application during startup to identify major performance issues using dotnet-trace.

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Five Weeks to Go: First Round of SDC Sessions Announced

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Foldable Adaptation Essentials: App Continuity and Multi-Window Handling

Learn how to adapt app continuity and multi-window in your app.

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Foldable Device Features with Unity and Unreal Engine 4

Foldable technology for mobile is a ground-breaking experience not only for users but also for developers.

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Folding the Web: Enabling Real Responsive Design on Foldable Devices

Although new to the industry, the concept of folding devices already has plenty of iterations. Samsung, Microsoft, Motorola, Huawei and others have presented devices with folding capabilities, that allow them to expand into small tablets, compress into smaller footprints, or enable more productive multi-tasking.

tutorials Galaxy Watch, Mobile

From Wrist to Hand: Develop a Companion App for Your Wearable Application

Learn how to create a multi-module project and communicate between a companion mobile application and a wearable application.