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Unity Adaptive Performance FAQs

Q. Which devices support Adaptive Performance?
A. A. Currently Adaptive Performance is supported by most of Galaxy devices above Android 10(Q). We have plans to add more supported devices through OS upgrades in the future. This plan includes not only high-ends models like the Galaxy S and the Galaxy Note series but also mid-end models like the Galaxy A series. You can find more detailed information of supported devices in the link.

Q. What are the Adaptive Performance version supported for each Unity Editor version?
A. The table below is the compatibility between Adaptive Performance Package version and Unity Editor version.

Unity Editor Version Adaptive Performance Package Version
Unity 2018 LTS+ 1.1.9
Unity 2020.1+
Unity 2019 LTS

Unity 2020.2.0a7+
Unity 2020.1.0b5+
Unity 2019.3.11f1+


(reference : https://forum.unity.com/threads/adaptive-performance-package.652306/ )

Q.Does Adaptive Performance support other manufacturers’ devices?
A. Currently Adaptive Performance runs only in Samsung Galaxy devices. There are some positive conversations among Unity technologies, Samsung and other platform holders regarding Adaptive Performance supporting other Android devices and other platform, but for now, it covers only Galaxy devices.

Q.When applying Adaptive Performance, is there any possibilities for issues to occur on other Android phone?
A. Not at all. Adaptive Performance checks whether this device supports Adaptive Performance or not first of all, so Adaptive Performance is not activate on non-supported devices.

Q. Does Adaptive Performance’s running itself cause heavy performance or FPS drops?
A. Adaptive Performance doesn’t have many calculations or heavy processes, so Adaptive Performance package itself does not cause a heavy load or FPS drop. You can see the Adaptive Performance On/Off FPS data of the Unity BoatAttack Demo below. It doesn’t make the FPS drop or increase the games load.

Q. Does the build size increase a lot by applying Adaptive Performance?
A. It doesn’t increase a lot. When you build empty project with Adaptive Performance, the total APK size increases about 80kb.

Q. How much extra work is required to integrate Adaptive Performance into a unity game?
A. Basically, you don’t need to do any extra work after installing Adaptive Performance and Adaptive Performance Samsung Provider. But if you want additional improvement to your game, you can check device status and change game quality using the device status. It would give you more effect.

Q. Can we improve performance using Adaptive Performance in 2D games?
A. Of course. If you bring Adaptive Performance to your games no matter whether it is 2D or 3D, you can fix any potential overheating problems as well as battery and performance issues by managing the power in relation to the devices status provided by the adaptive performance module.

Q. When applying Adaptive Performance, do game developers have to set each options for all devices?
A. No, you don’t have to set separate options for all devices. When a game runs, Adaptive Performance checks whether the device supports GameSDK or not. Then it works through monitoring the status of devices. So game developers can release with one single build which adopts and activates Adaptive Performance.

Q. When using Adaptive Performance, does the game run in other manufacturers’ devices? Do we need to add extra exception processes?
A. For now Adaptive Performance only operates on Samsung Galaxy devices which support GameSDK, because Adaptive Performance gets device information from the Android Framework through GameSDK. There is exception logic for other manufacturers’ devices in Adaptive Performance, so game developers don’t need to do any extra exception processes.

Q. There are two packages in package manager –Adaptive Performance and Adaptive Performance Samsung Android. What is the difference?
A. Adaptive Performance Package is a package of the Adaptive Performance functions and Adaptive Performance Samsung Android is a package of modules which relate to the Samsung GameSDK. You can get Galaxy device information through Samsung Android Package and Adaptive Performance Package uses this information to manage power, control scalers and so on. So you have to install both package.

Q. Is Adaptive Performance running the whole time during the gameplay time? Is it still running when the game runs in the background or is it only running when the game is actually playing?
A. Adaptive Performance is running when it’s in actual in-game playing situation. When it’s in the lock screen or in the background it doesn’t operate.

Q. Can Game developers control the CPU/GPU clock by themselves?
A. Logically, yes, developers can control CPU/GPU levels. But we don’t recommend the way that developers set CPU/GPU levels arbitrarily, because device performance per each CPU/GPU level vary by device models. For instance, when you set CPU/GPU level for device A, but it might not proper setting for device B.