GPUWatch is a tool for observing GPU activity in your application. GPUWatch is made for developers who use Samsung devices to get GPU related information with the least effort. Detailed information is overlaid onto the screen in real-time. And it is very simple to enable -no PC required.

In the mobile world, the key to a great user experience is performance with efficiency. Efficient applications have low power requirements which both improves battery life and keeps the device temperature in a comfortable range. Developers aim to achieve not only higher performance but also better efficiency through optimization. To reach these goals it is necessary to measure the current status which is the job of a profiling tool, like GPU Watch. GPUWatch gives information about GPU work, resource allocation, processor status and more so that developers can get clues about bottlenecks and the best way to fix them. Then they can finally get the desired performance. Also they can evaluate the application in many different environments.

You can utilize GPUWatch in lots of different ways. It’s up to you what you will do using this prompt and convenient tool.

How To Use

You can easily turn on the GPUWatch overlay for profiling your application:

  • Settings ⇒ Developer Options ⇒ GPUWatch ON
  • Launch the App to measure

For further information about functionalities, refer to the Userguide page of each version.

Supported Devices

Android P
GPUWatch v1.0

Android Q
GPUWatch v1.5

Android R
GPUWatch v2.0 }

Galaxy S9 series △*
Galaxy S10 series
Galaxy S20 series
Galaxy Note9 series △*
Galaxy Note10 series
Galaxy Note20 series
Galaxy Fold
Galaxy Z Flip
Galaxy Z Fold2
Other Samsung mobile Phones

※ Only devices launched in Europe and Korea