Galaxy smartphones make up the world's largest mobile gaming platform. Even a number of major game engine companies, publishers and studios are already collaborating with Samsung, we announced the Galaxy GameDev Program at the 2016 Samsung Developer Conference, where we extended our support beyond major players in the games industry to any developers creating games for Galaxy devices.

New technologies are essential to creating high fidelity, high performance gaming experience in mobile devices.

Samsung is committed to bringing new technology to our suite of Galaxy products, such as; 64bit, multi-thread rendering and the new generation graphics API - Vulkan.

Samsung's Galaxy GameDev team has engineers located in five strategic global locations to cover game developers from all over the world. We ensure that our partners have the engineering support they need to launch the best gaming experiences on Galaxy devices and strengthen the Android ecosystem.

Galaxy GameDev provides a variety of technical support options to assist developers. There are 4 key areas:.

  • GPU Drivers : GPU driver optimization and streamlining driver updates is a key area to making the most of hardware capabilities and maintaining optimized performance of a GPU. Samsung collaborated with Google and the major GPU vendors like ARM and Qualcomm to develop and ship the new Android feature Game Driver. Game Driver provides the new way of updating GPU driver by store and this delivers more stable and better performing GPU driving for the target games. Now this functionality started with the limited number of major Galaxy models and continues to scale with more devices soon.

  • Tools & SDKs : Samsung develops and supports its own tools & SDKs like GPUWatch and Galaxy GameSDK which help game developers to find resource bottlenecks and solve performance issues in real-time. SDKs are integrated with major game engines too like Unity Adaptive Performances to guide developers with easy way of use.

  • Developer Support : Our GameDev engineers are available to support developers in multiple ways, from answering general day-to-day development questions all the way to on-site engineering collaboration. A deep engagement with on-site support is available to developers who have signed a confidentiality agreement with Samsung.

  • Game Engines : Supporting the optimization of Game Engines is key to wide distribution of optimization. Samsung’s GameDev team are focused on supporting game engines, which ensures that games released through the engine's ecosystem achieve the significant optimizations that would normally be delivered into just one game.


Samsung keeps working closely with more than 50 partners including game studio, publisher, tool developers, game engine companies and
GPU vendors.