GameBench Labs is an industry-recognized company that provides a flexible platform for mobile game performance monitoring and analysis throughout the lifespan of a game (development,testing,launch and post-launch).

Trained over years of working with OEMs and studios on performance analysis, GameBench Labs has all the skills you need in one place.

GameBench Labs offers the following products and services:

Pro Tools: Provide meaningful, objective performance metrics for both manual and automated performance testing. They provide QA and Dev teams the ability to collect and analyze the performance of any mobile game, ensure that the version of a new game has a seamless user experience and is ready to be released. The collected performance data highlights fluidity bottlenecks and helps to spot what causes the issue. Pro tools also help compare the performance of your game with any competing title.

Performance SDK for Unity: GameBench's SDK allows developers to maintain their game performance throughout a game's lifecycle; from automated regression checks during development on local or cloud device farms, through LiveOps monitoring of your game. This reduces the time and costs to catch and fix performance regressions. Easily import GameBench's Unity Performance SDK into your mobile game project and collect metrics from anywhere.

Performance Discovery Reports: provide a comparative analysis of performance metrics between a number of games on a matrix of devices. The choice of both is at the discretion of the client although GameBench Labs can advise on the most popular games and devices based on geographical area or game genre of choice. The result of this analysis is a report that highlights, using highly visual badges, the performance scores of each game-device pair testing. It also provides numerical scores tied to real gaming data and an understanding of the possible causes of some of the issues encountered.

GameBench Lab's solutions are unbiased, rely on a fully transparent, tried and tested methodology and authoritative knowledge-based on 5+ years of experience working with the biggest OEMs and game studios.