Text Input

Samsung IME

When text input is required, an on-screen keyboard must be provided. You can either create an on-screen keyboard specifically for the application, or use the Samsung IME provided by the Samsung app development tool (SDK).

Figure 5-1 shows the basic layout of the Samsung IME.

Figure 5-1. IME screen layout


Recommended words are provided based on the characters entered by the user. Recommended words are provided by the system by default.

On-screen Keyboard

The user may select buttons to enter the corresponding characters.

Input Window

An input window should be displayed in an area where the on-screen keyboard does not overlap it. The input window should be adjusted to ensure that no part of it is hidden.

Input Methods Using IME

The Samsung IME supports only D-pad (4-directional) interaction.

  • Exception case: IME on the web browser supports pointing interaction by mouse or touch pad.

Four-directional focus moving method (Smart Remote and standard remote control)

Use the UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT buttons to move to the character that you wish to enter. Select the corresponding character to enter it.

Figure 5-2. Four-directional focus moving method

Input Method Using Keyboards

When there is input from a physical keyboard while the Samsung IME is displayed, the on-screen keyboard disappears as shown in Figure 5-3. and the input window moves to the top of the screen.
When the user switches to the remote control, or a mouse/touch pad to select the Input Window, the original IME will be displayed again.

Figure 5-3. Input method using keyboards

IME for Consecutive Input

The Samsung IME supports entering two or more input items without the IME turning off.

For consecutive inputs, the Next button is provided instead of Done on the On-screen Keyboard. Selecting the Next button while entering text will complete the current item, and the IME will change to fit the next item. For the last item on Consecutive Input, the Done button will be provided instead of Next.

e.g. When entering the username and password consecutively in order
When Next is selected on the IME for username input, the input will be completed. The IME will then change to fit password input.

Figure 5-4. When entering the use name and password consecutively in order