UX Checklist


Follow the principles described in this UX Guideline to build your Samsung Smart TV app. The requirements and recommendations listed below are basic criteria that must be satisfied to have your app approved. Check the following specifications before registering your app to the Seller Office.

Requirements    When your application does not meet these requirements, it may be rejected.
Recommendations    Recommended


1.1 Application icons must be 1920 x 1080 pixels. Learn More
1.2 A scroll indicator must be provided when a list or content items exceed one page. Learn More
1.3 Any other selectable areas should not be located at the top and bottom of the vertically-scrollable lists or to the right and left of the horizontally-scrollable lists. Learn More
1.4 All focusable objects should be aligned in grids, not diagonally. Learn More
1.5 Too many font styles on the same screen or window should not be used.  
1.6 Your application's UI patterns should be consistent with the basic UI patterns of the Samsung Smart TV to prevent user confusion.  
1.7 The total visual information on the screen should be adjusted to reduce user workloads.  
1.8 Similar information should be merged or grouped for efficient navigation.  
1.9 Clear interaction metaphor should be used to prevent user errors.  
1.10 Excessive motion interactions should not be required for the users to open or control the user interface.  


2.1 All button actions on the remote control must conform to this guideline. Learn More
2.2 Users must be able to locate selectable objects using the four navigation buttons.  
2.3 All playback buttons on the remote control must work properly to correctly control the playback of multimedia files. Learn More


3.1 The on-screen playback controls must be provided for the users to control playback. Learn More
3.2 All buttons on the screen must be selectable by using the four navigation and SELECT buttons. Learn More
3.3 All playback buttons on the remote control must work properly to correctly control the playback of multimedia files. Learn More


4.1 Clear feedback for interactions or the TV status must be provided.  
4.2 Only one object can be focused on at a time. Learn More
4.3 The focused object must be clearly recognizable against the other objects. Learn More
4.4 The focus pattern or image should be similar or consistent within the same application. Avoid using various focus patterns.  
4.5 A progress indicator should be provided for users if a task is ongoing or if it takes a while. Learn More
4.6 When an error occurs, the information about why the error occurred and how to solve it should be provided. Learn More