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The Dev Discourse – A Daily Roundup from #SDC18 Day 2

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How To: Create A Tap Reveal Button To Show Hidden Data

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‘Best of 2018’: Zhu Guangxu Focuses on Quality to Create Popular Theme Designs

success story Mobile, Galaxy Watch, Marketplace

‘Best of 2018’: Kemas Dimas Takes a User-Centric Approach to Watch App Development

success story Design, Galaxy Watch, Marketplace

‘Best of 2018’: Bergen Founder Nicolas Castro Says Creating a Top Watch Face Design is All in the Details

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Best of 2018: PerBlue's Andy Jennings Says the Key to Developing Winning Games is a Well-Rounded Team

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‘Best of 2018’: Jean-Baptiste Couly From Says Don’t Overlook the Value of Strategic Partnerships

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Top 10 Blog Posts Of 2018


How to Package UI and Service Applications Together and Perform Them

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Building with Security First on the SmartThings Platform

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CES 2019: Something For Everyone, No Matter How You Slice It


Install Tizen Baseline SDK

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Shape the Future of IoT with SmartThings

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Announcing the SmartThings Schema!

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Localize Your Galaxy Store Content To Reach Global Markets


Launch Your Tizen .NET Application on a Samsung TV 5.0 Emulator


SDC 2018 Recap from the Tizen team

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How To Update Your Apps For Foldable Displays

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Galaxy Themes: Design Tips


Use Custom Fonts in Tizen .NET Apps

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Create Eye-Catching Galaxy Store Listings With The Watch Asset Creator

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Using Developer Mode in the SmartThings App

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3 SmartThings Developer Videos You Need to Watch


Launch Your Tizen .NET Application on Samsung Smart TV

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Event: SmartThings at San Francisco IoT Meetup!

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Join Samsung At The Game Developers Conference

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Unpacking Galaxy Unpacked: What the S10, Galaxy Fold, and Galaxy Watch Active Mean For Devs And Designers


Build the Tizen .NET NuGet Package

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Mobile Gaming in March: Helping Devs Level Up

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Control Rinnai Water Heaters with SmartThings