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Looking forward to International Women’s Day 2022

A round up of incredible initiatives supporting women today.

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Samsung Internet Newsletter: March 2022

Catch up on what the Samsung Internet team has been up to and what you can look forward to.

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Tracking Exercises with Galaxy Watch

Health Services allows you to create an application that tracks exercise progress in a quick and easy way, using Galaxy Watch on Wear OS Powered by Samsung.

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The State of Online Tracking Pt3

Moving on from Third-party Cookies

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Samsung Internet Newsletter: February 2022

The Samsung Internet Developer Advocacy team is starting off 2022 with a foray into the innovative and exciting arena of ... email

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Stay on Top of the Conversation with RSS

Get the latest updates from Samsung Developers, direct to your favorite browser or app

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The Web(GL) from your wrist!

I have a new watch capable of displaying web content, even more—it can do WebGL for blazing-fast 2D/3D animations!

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Diving into the Client Types in Health Services

Learn more about how to use ExerciseClient, MeasureClient, and PassiveMonitoringClient of Health Services.

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? New year, new web advocacy goals

Privacy, Dark Mode, Multi-device support, Web 3.0? Let’s review what 2021 left us and do some predictions for 2022

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Using Health Services on Galaxy Watch

Health Services helps you to track the user’s activities like exercises, sleep or heart rate with a Galaxy Watch that operates on Wear OS Powered by Samsung.

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Add RSS Feeds to your website to keep your core readers engaged

RSS is a well established but often well hidden web technology.

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December Release - Beta Drivers for SmartThings Edge

New Zigbee and Z-Wave device releases for SmartThings-managed Edge Drivers.

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Wrapping up 2021 and Welcoming 2022

Highlights of Seller Portal enhancements in 2021 and take a survey to share your thoughts about what's important to you.


Samsung Developers Top 10 Moments of 2021

A recap of another memorable year

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Start Your Learning Journey with Code Lab

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Minimizing Risks When Distributing an App

Learn what you can do with the staged rollout feature in Galaxy Store Seller Portal.

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Better for All: Mobile Accessibility

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Testea la postura de los nuevos “foldables”, creando una web app que utilice la cámara frontal y trasera de tu celular

Llegaron los nuevos dispositivos foldables y abren un mundo de posibilidades para el programador. Estos celulares permiten tener diferentes formas físicas en un solo dispositivo, lo que puede generar nuevas oportunidades de innovación.

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Optimizing Mobile Game Performance: RuneScape

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Better for All: Inclusive Policies with Daniel Appelquist from Samsung Developers

In this installment of our Better for All series, we’ve interviewed Daniel Appelquist from the Samsung Internet Developer Advocacy team

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Let’s create a web camera app ready for foldable devices.

Creating web apps in foldable devices

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Test Your Apps in Multiple Regions with the New Web-Based Remote Test Lab

This blog introduces the Web-based client and other improved features of Remote Test Lab, which allows developers to test their applications on the various Samsung mobile devices not only manually but also automatically. Developers can enable Flex mode and screen rotation, listen to audio streamed from devices, install their application by dragging and dropping, and monitor the usage of resources by their applications.

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Installing Tizen Studio on the Latest macOS and Avoiding Notarization

How to avoid notarization issues when installing Tizen Studio on macOS.

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Updating 16.0 Beta: More Secure, Better Tabs, URLs down under

Our newest update (16.0.2) brings some exciting new features.

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HTTP Live Streaming in the Metaverse?

Welcome to Sylwester who has recently joined our team to work on Web apps (including WebXR apps) as part of the 5G Tours project!

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Seller Portal, What's New in October 2021

October updates and announcements from the Seller Portal team.

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SmartThings Edge Provides Reliable, Faster Smart Home Experiences

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Samsung Developer Conference 2021: Recap

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Reintroducing: The W3C Developer Council ?

This autumn the W3 Developer Council is making a comeback to the web space, so allow us to reintroduce ourselves.

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Browsing the Web on the Samsung Galaxy Watch4

Ada takes Samsung Internet for the new Samsung Galaxy Watch4 through its paces.