Development (Basic)

Make a Simple Piston

User Story: As a user, when my main door opens, I want my bulb color to be red. Otherwise, I want my bulb color to be green.

  • IF
    • The Contact Sensor is OPEN
  • THEN
    • Set the bulb color to RED
  • ELSE
    • Set the bulb color to GREEN

  1. Login to with your Samsung account.

  2. See all your available piston on the webCoRE dashboard.

  3. Create a new blank Piston.

  4. Write code in webCoRe Editor.

  5. Add a new If condition.

  6. Add a Then command.

  7. Add an Else Command.

  8. Save the piston.

  9. See the saved piston on the dashboard.

If you wish to learn more, you may continue with our advanced topic and make a complicated piston!