Automate IoT on SmartThings


In this Code Lab, we will introduce webCoRe and learn how to create your own automations. We will be creating a simple and advanced piston to automate our bulb depending on the conditions that we will set.


webCoRE is a solution that gives users the opportunity to build their own automations.

This Code Lab is focused on engaging the development community in the open source development of webCoRE. A curated list of tasks will be available in GitHub, well organized at varying levels of difficulty, allowing power users to have a feeling of prestige for tackling more difficult tasks.

To ensure webCoRE’s continued success, it is important that we have a strong developer community around it. Thus, we aim to encourage Open-Source Software (OSS) developers to contribute to this project.

This will essentially introduce the new version of webCoRE to the development community and provide a curated approach to developing new features for it.