Data Viewer

DataViewer is a very useful tool to check saved data in Samsung Health. You can find it in the downloaded SDK's /Data/Tools folder.


  • Install DataViewer and open it.
  • Activating the developer mode is not required from Samsung Health 6.11.

DataViewer provides the SDK's supported data type list and some useful menus. The following figure shows its main screen and corresponding menus.

Checking Saved Data

You can check the saved data in Samsung Health by selecting one of the data types in the figure below.

Each data type can be accessed after the data permission agreement. Whenever you select a data type on the mains screen’s data list, the permission UI displays.

Then saved data in Samsung Health are listed up with its respective timestamp. By selecting each data type, you can see detailed data info including its measured time or a source app package name.

Checking the saved data with DataViewer is the exact way to test your app when it writes measured data to Samsung Health. The inserted data cannot be shown on Samsung Health caused by its UI policy or wrong setting of "start_time" and "time_offset". Make sure to set the following information well especially:

  • Measured data value and its unit
  • "start_time" that indicates the measurement time and "time_offset"