Developer Mode

A partner app can connect with Samsung Health if its package name and signature (sha256) are same with the registered info in Samsung Health. The registered app signature is from the partner app's release key. But in many cases, developers use a different app signing key to test or debug the app. To make it easy, Samsung Health provides a developer mode.

The developer mode is not activated by default. Activating the developer mode requires an access key from Samsung Health 6.11. The access key is shared by Samsung Health team after a partnership approval.

How to Activate the Developer Mode

You can activate it with the following steps:

  1. Select the action overflow of Samsung Health on the top-left.

  2. Select the Settings icon in the action list's top-right.

  3. Select About Samsung Health.

  4. Tap the version line region quickly 10 times or more. The exact region to tap is illustrated with the blue box in the figure below.

  5. If it succeeds, a Developer mode button displays.

  1. Select the Developer mode button and enter the developer mode page.

  2. Enter your app package name and access code that Samsung Health team shared and select the Add button. The access code is case-sensitive.

  3. If it succeeds, your app package name will be listed up below. It means the developer mode is activated for your app.

  1. Back to About Samsung Health with the back button on the top-left and select the info icon on the top-right.

Now you can test your app with Samsung Health.

If Your App Package Name is not Added Well

Please check the entered app package name and access code carefully. They should be matched exactly. A failure can be from entering:

  • A different app package name
  • Unmatched case for an access key

How Long will be Maintained

The added app's developer mode in the Developer mode page is valid until uninstalling Samsung Health. And it doesn't work for another app that has a different app package name.

If Samsung Health is reinstalled, enter your app package name and its access code.

If you remove your app from the Developer Mode page by selecting the "-" icon, the developer mode will be deactivated for your app.