Seller Portal 2022 Q2 Latest News

Samsung Developer

The Galaxy Store Seller Portal team was very busy in Q2, adding or updating many features including updates to Samsung In-App Purchase (IAP) management, support for themes on the cover screen of new devices, restructuring of the Help tab, and improving the readability of Galaxy Store Statistics.

More importantly, there have been announcements about changes to the requirements for Android apps and themes. While notifications about these requirements were sent out directly, they are worth repeating here.

Requirement for Android target API level

Starting August 24, 2022, Android apps registered or updated in Seller Portal must set the targetSdkVersion (or minSdkVersion, in the event targetSdkVersion is not specified) to Android 8.0 (API level 26) or higher.

Android apps that are currently being sold in Galaxy Store are not affected by this requirement. However, it is recommended you update these apps in order to improve security, performance, privacy, and the overall user experience of your apps.

More details are included in the Seller Portal notice.

Requirement for Galaxy Themes Studio version

Starting August 1, 2022, all themes (new or currently for sale, including wallpapers, icons, and AODs), must be exported from the latest version of Galaxy Themes Studio and updated in Galaxy Store. Any theme that is generated from Galaxy Themes Studio version 9.2.01 or earlier cannot be distributed in Galaxy Store as they will have image display errors due to a change in the image solution policy.

See the Seller Portal notice for more information, including tips on how to find the themes that need updating and how to export the APK from the latest version of Galaxy Themes Studio.

Samsung IAP management updates

Samsung IAP is key to helping you make money from your apps. The following features have been added or updated:

  • Real-Time item management – Make changes to in-app items that are for sale in Galaxy Store and publish those changes without having to go through the Seller Portal review process.

  • Price template – Set the same local price for different in-app items without having to manually update the local prices for each in-app item.

  • Update exchange rate – Update the local prices of your in-app item or price template using the latest daily exchange rate.

  • Bulk upload items – Four new fields have been added to the CSV file: Price Template ID, Price Exception (custom price and currency), Phone Bill (payment), and Status.

Refer to this Seller Portal notice for additional information.

Themes with cover screen

Seller Portal provides a new field and section to support themes that can be shown and used on new devices or screen types.

Help menu

The FAQs were reorganized to make it easier to find answers to common questions about Seller Portal and using Seller Portal. Before you contact us, search the FAQs to see if there is a solution to your problem.

  1. From Seller Portal, click Help > Contact us > FAQs.

  2. Click on the relevant topic in the left menu bar and scroll through the list on the right to search for your issue. If the left menu bar is not displayed, click on the green hamburger icon in the lower left corner to open it.

Galaxy Store Statistics

The readability of the dashboard, tables, and charts have been improved. Also, in the Statistics menu, for certain metrics, you can toggle between displaying a pie chart or bar chart of the data.

To view the bar chart,

  1. From Seller Portal, click Statistics to open Galaxy Store Statistics.

  2. Select an app and click Statistics from the left navigation bar.

  3. Select a metric (only New Downloads, Sales, Ratings Volume, Item Purchases, Item Sales, and Downloads by Total Devices show charts).

  4. Select all countries or models from the filter, click OK, and click on its Split-up tab.

  5. Finally, click the Show Bar Charts toggle (in the upper right corner) to On to display a bar chart.

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