Smart Hub Layout

Samsung Smart Hub is the new content home for Samsung Smart TV. Smart Hub not only lets you use basic TV functions, but also several other Internet applications that can be downloaded from Samsung Apps. The Samsung Apps service enables you to purchase and install a variety of applications that you can enjoy directly on your Samsung Smart TV.

Samsung Smart hub

Picture 2-1. Samsung Smart Hub

Smart Hub’s application area is largely divided to Recommended, Signature Service and My Applications.

  • Recommended

    This area displays recommended applications

  • Signature Service

    This area includes services that are unique to Samsung branded TVs. These useful services help to provide a user experience unlike any other.

  • My Applications

    This area displays apps purchased and downloaded at Samsung Apps.

    Button arrows on remote control are used to navigate Smart Hub. When the last application in the right side is selected, the next Smart Hub page displays.

    Each application has the representative icon and name label in Smart Hub.