TV Functionalities

You can find TV functions on this page.

  • Changing Volume
  • Getting TV Status
  • Handling Key Events
  • Text To Speech

You don’t need to make your own modules anymore, just simply apply those functions above and you are good to go. For example, you can apply key event of you application to remote-controller and change volumes without making volume controller separately. And the same rule applies to mute function and TV status as well, TV status can be applied to wherever it is suitable.


You can download all TV functionality documents here.

TV Functionalities Documents

Changing Volume

The following table includes the documents about how to add volume function to your TV application using OSD, Samsung TV’s own volume and mute function. The documents will also help you to solve other volume issues you may have.

Document Title
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How to Use the Volume OSD Provided by Samsung?

Samsung Volume UI Not Shown on 2012 Platform

How to Implement Correctly the Mute Function?

Getting TV Status

New Samsung smart TV is being released every year worldwide and, thus, offering right language for each country or region and distinguishing certain types of platform are very much needed for settings. This is why getting TV status is important. The following tables includes the technology about TV status of what Samsung Smart TV offers.

Document Title
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How to Show the Live TV Signal in Some Area of Your App?

How to Get the Product Type?

Retrieving Additional Information

Handling Key Events

Remote control functions are essential for TV applications. The following table includes how to use key handles in detail - register/unregister key, each key’s definition, feature and difference and more.

Document Title
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What Are the Panel Buttons’ Functions?

Handling Remote Control Key Events

Key Registration Flow of a Ticker Application

The Difference Between Return and Exit Keys

How to Register/Unregister Keys Properly?

Text To Speech

The following table includes accessibility document.

Document Title
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Text To Speech