The most important part in making TV app would be Multimedia. Multimedia can be divided into 3 parts – Audio, Video and Streaming.
You can find policy and specification list in this page and learn how to add Multimedia to Samsung Smart TV application using API.


You can download all multimedia documents here.

Multimedia Documents


You can stream video or music through TV app in realtime. There are information about how to apply Streaming, the specification that TV supports and many other topics with helpful examples in this page.

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How to Configure the Player for MP3 Live Streaming?

URL Parameters for HTTP Adaptive Streaming Content

Play Audio and Video

Guideline for Smooth Streaming Application Developers

MMS Streaming Problem - Windows 2008 Server

RTSP Specification

Creating a Video Application With HAS (HTTP Adaptive Streaming)

Player Specification

Playing Audio

The following table includes Technical notes for Audio play issues. Refer to this page when there is problem.

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Player State Changes Policy


DRM keeps your technology from being publicly exposed and covers wide range of content types and format. The following table includes DRM specification and API guideline.

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Containers and Encoders

The following table includes the documents handing the issues of Container and Encoder. Refer to the documents if any problem occurs when Multimedia is applied to your application.

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Server Response Headers Required for MP4 Format

Playing Video

Samsung Smart TV provides API for developers to apply video and audio to your application. There are examples of applying API and playing videos in “Playing Video” section.

The following table includes the documents related to video.

Document Title
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Jump Operation Blocking Suggestions

How to block the screensaver during video playback?

Play Video

Picture settings in video applications

Player crash on application exit

Adding a Video Component

Creating a Video Application

Subtitle (Closed Caption)

The following table incudes the documents about how to implement closed captions regarding the Federal Communication Commission regulations.

Document Title
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Subtitle (Closed Caption)