Samsung Smart TV offers various functions for devices to communicate each other. This information will be useful for those who want their applications to communicate between devices.


You can download all convergence development documents here.

Convergence Documents


Sometimes it is required to send certain data from Samsung Smart TV app to other device. The Samsung SDK offers Convergence function for better communication. The main purpose of Convergence Framework is to enable the devices that are under same network to communicate each other.

The following table includes the documents about developing Samsung Smart TV Convergence app and its method.

Document Title
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Device Discovery, Authentication, and Pairing

Convergence App

System Messages

Messaging System

Creating a Convergence Application


Use AllShare if you want to share mobile media contents to larger screen. This section explains about developing method to share and play various media contents using DLNA technology. Samsung Smart devices must be under same WiFi network in order to proceed. Once you are connected, you can develop apps that can share media contents by finding DLNA device through API that is from DeviceFinder Module and Provider Module.

Document Title
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AllShare Tutorial: Notes

AllShare Tutorial for SDK 3.5

AllShare Tutorial for SDK 4.5

Smart View

The following table includes the documents about developing Smart View application that communicates between mobile and Smart TV. Samsung Smart View uses Server Relay method to communicate the two devices interactively and it is the main function of this technology. These documents explain about Smart View SDK and offer useful tutorials.

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Smart View SDK