Samsung Smart TV provides developing extensions like NaCl, Editor and Peripherals for efficient app development. NaCl helps to develop apps with C/C++ language and Editor provides IDE which makes creating, editing, deleting project and compile functions available for efficient development. Lastly, Peripherals section introduces Gamepad, MIDI, Printer, Microphone and Healthcare for controlling apps and its API tutorials.


You can download all Tools documents here.

Tools Documents


NaCl(Native Client) is an open source that Google has developed by which can create apps with native C/C++ language. However, Samsung Smart TV provides PNaCl which is more advanced than NaCl and also by which can create apps with C/C++ language.

The following table includes the documents about not only basic information about PNaCl and its environment settings but also examples of audio, web socket and TCP socket. Refer to these documents if you are interested in PNaCl as C/C++ programmer.

Document Title
Download Link

Audio in PNaCl application

Getting started with NaCl

How to create sample PNaCl application

Debugging NaCl module running in Emulator

WebSocket in PNaCl application

TCP Socket in PNaCl application

Smart TV SDK PNaCl IDE Tutorial

Tips for optimizing OpenGL ES 2.0 widgets on PNaCl

How To Build and Run Cocos2d-x Applications on Samsung Smart TV


Samsung Smart TV provides API to easily develop applications using peripherals like Gamepad, MIDI, Printer, Microphone and Healthcare.

The following tables includes the documents about peripherals and its tutorials.

Document Title
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Creating a Healthcare Device Application

Creating a Gamepad Application

<p id="13>Creating a MIDI Application

Creating a Printer Application

Creating a Microphone Application


Samsung Developer Guide provides Editor – Brower IDE Editor and Eclipse Editor. Browser IDE Editor is Online Integration Developing Environment that provides functions like creating, editing and deleting project and compile. Eclipse Editor is similar to Brower IDE Editor but it also provides Semantic SDK. Semantic SDK provides Samsung SDK Library and helps to find search contents, import related samples and add functions to source. Through this section, you will be able to understand each Editor’s usage and choose the right one.

Document Title
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Samsung Smart TV SDK Tutorial Explorer perspective

Main Features for Eclipse Editor

Semantic SDK




Semantic Service Discovery

Semantic Service Matching

Service Registry Statistics

Browser IDE Help Guide

Operation Scenario

Semantic SDK 2.0