Development Tips

If you are unfamiliar with Samsung SDK, you would probably be curious about its basic work flow.

The following table includes the documents offering few tips that will help you to understand the process like memory management and Applying Mouse Event.


You can download all application development tips here.

Development Tips Documents


Debugging is required when the cause of errors are not clear while developing Samsung Smart TV app. Samsung Smart TV SDK offers most of tools that are needed to debug apps. It explains about the cause of common errors of Samsung Smart TV apps and debugging process in different versions and years.

The following table includes the documents about debugging tips.

Document Title
Download Link

What might be the cause of a black screen?

JS Debugger

Using JS Debugger: 2010 and 2011 Emulators

Using JS Debugger : 2012 and Later Emulators

Remote Web Inspector

Using the Smart TV Emulator with VirtualBox & Troubleshooting


Testing process is very important in developing apps and a mandatory step to find potential errors and improve its usage. Samsung SDK offers its own test tool to help developing applications.

The following table includes the documents about the tool and its manual.

Document Title
Download Link

PreTest Tool

ATT (Automatic Test Tool) User Guide


It will help you to resolve the issues you may have for developing Web App by reading through this documentation. It explains UI, JavaScript and some tips about developing apps using HTML.

Document Title
Download Link

XMLHttpRequest : overrideMimeType on 2012 platform

Image Onload function is not called when img source is same as old source

Table inside a floating box resized on 2012 platform

Nodename with "#" on 2012 platform

How to use Date() on 2012 platform

XML parser’s white space processing

Get XML attribute on 2012 platform

document.body [null] error

How to handle error player events?

Creating Dynamic Web Pages

Using namespaces on 2012 platform

Coding Your JavaScript Application: Sample Code

Table column with child elements resized on 2012 platform

Application does not launch on Samsung platform

Issue when username and password are sent on 2012 platform

Parent and child visibility on 2012 platform

childNodes.length difference

Layout broken due to letter-spacing problem on 2012 platform

Issue when response is null for POST type request on 2012 platform

Creating a News Data Application

Difference in New Line Marker on 2012 platform

Vertical displacement of some parts of text

What is the available z-index range in my applications?

Creating a News Application

Text displayed vertically on 2012 platform

HTML 5 Specification

CSS parsing error

Content automatically scrolled down on 2012 platform

JavaScript animations not working on 2012 platform

Character Sensitivity

Table elements alignment on 2012 platform

CSS3 Browser Specification

Browser Specifications

Defining CSS Contents

Adding a Scroll Bar

Handling Images

Content text formatted as a hyperlink

Pop-up elements not shown on 2012 platform


UI (JavaScript)

Samsung Smart TV

You may encounter with a new technology when developing Samsung Smart TV app. Samsung Smart TV SDK has its own technology and it is essential for developing Samsung Smart TV app. It will help you to create better apps with great performance.

The following table includes the documents.

Document Title
Download Link

Product Category

Background image not applied for hyperlinks on 2012 platform

Manage Applications

Memory optimization for Smart TV Apps

Mouse Event Handling

Multi-Language Support

Managing Memory

Improving the Initial Entry Speed of an Application

Using Common Modules

User experience in game applications

How To Customize CAPH WUI Widgets

How To Use CAPH WUI Widgets With HTML

How to Use CAPH WUI Widgets

How To Integrate CAPH WUI Widgets With jQuery Library

How to check the firmware version?

Display Images

Browser Emulator Help Guide

Samsung SmartTV S Client(Version 4.5) User Guide

Customizing UI Components

How to implement multi-language support?

Adding a Scene





Loading Image




Samsung Smart TV SDK 5.0 Overview



Creating New UI Components

Adding a Visual Custom Component to SDK


Samsung SmartTV SDK 4.5 Overview


Samsung SmartTV S Server (2013VM) User Guide

Using Single Sign-On (SSO)

Manage User Accounts

AppsFramework 2.0 UI Components

Adding Visual UI Components

How To Use Animation With CAPH WUI Widgets

How to access the Common API files?

Single Sign-On

Managing Application Files

Can I access a local file from JavaScript code?

How To Use CAPH Data Acceleration API

Image margin below the baseline on 2012 platform

CAPH Sample Apps

How To Create CAPH Application Using Scene

How To Develop Internationalization (i18n) Application using CAPH

How To Use AJAX on CAPH

Performance Guide for Web App

How To Create Custom CAPH Theme

How To Use DOM Selector on CAPH

Initializing UI Components