Interactivity is communication system for interaction between users and system. This Interactivity section includes each content’s manual and examples.
Samsung Smart TV provides IME, interactive remote, Smart Interactions and Advertisement in terms of interactivity.

  • IME is virtual keyboard which appears on TV screen for users to type texts. Developers can use this function when develop login or search page.
  • Interactive Remote is what makes remote control possible for mobiles. Use Interactive Remote to turn user’s mobile into app remote controller.
  • Smart Interactions helps to create apps which enable TV to control other Samsung manufactured appliances.


You can download all the interactivity development documents here.

Interactivities Documents


IME (Input Method Editor) provides controller for users to type texts and is controlled by remote controller and/or voice. There are two types of IME, number keypad and qwerty keypad, and both support XT9(automatic text predicting and correcting system). IME supports three different kinds of input methods which are “Four-directional Focus Moving Method”, “Pointing Method” and “Using Keyboard”. It also supports four types of input, “General Text Input”, “Password input”, “English only input” and “Numbers only input”.

The following table includes the documents about using IME in applications.

Document Title
Download Link

Application reload while using IME

Using IME

How To Use IME

How to implement correctly the IME module?

Using Chinese IME

Interactive Remote

Normal TV apps are controlled by TV remote controller. However, TV apps now can be controlled by mobile by developing apps using Interactive Remote provided by Samsung Smart TV SDK.

The following table includes the documents about developing remote mobile applications.

Document Title
Download Link

Building an Interactive Application

Interactive Phone

Using the Samsung TV Remote App


Smart Interactions

TV now can control various home appliances and TV itself can be controlled by other device rather than TV remote controller by using Smart Interactions. Smart Interactions deals with Voice Recognition, Gesture, Smart Home and Camera. Samsung Smart TV can offer dynamic functions based on user’s life pattern by recognizing its voice and movement.

The following table includes the documents that you need to apply Smart Interactions to your apps.

Document Title
Download Link

Using a Recognition Application

Gesture Recognition

Creating a Smart Home Application

Smart Interaction

Voice Recognition

Using a Camera Application