Voice Control

You can use Voice Control to control an application.

Voice Control Policy

You activate Voice Control by saying a predefined trigger phrase, or by pressing the Voice button on the remote while using the TV. There are two default trigger phrases, but these can be changed by the user.

Using Voice Control in an Application

Picture 4-1. Using Voice Control in an Application

When using Voice Control, the commands that can be used on the current screen are displayed at the bottom of the screen in text balloons. “Power Off” and “Exit” are provided for all applications; giving the “Exit” command closes an application. If required, up to four application-specific commands may be displayed in the remaining area; refer to 4.2 Command Set for commands that can be used.

Commands are to be displayed in the order shown below.

Follow the order below: [Mandatory]

Power Off, Application-specific commands, Exit.

Providing a Guide message with commands

Picture 4-2. Providing a Guide message with commands

A guide message may be provided with commands to help the user when necessary. Depending on what they do, some commands may lead you to a submenu. A submenu consists of a guide message and commands. Saying “Cancel” after being led to a submenu will take you back to the previous step.

Activating Show More

Picture 4-3. Activating Show More

In addition to the basic initial commands, the “Show More” command is displayed as an option. You can always activate the commands in the “Show More” area, even if they are not currently displayed on the screen.

Command Set

Only the Voice Control commands contained in the basic command set provided by Samsung (shown below) can be used; new commands cannot be added.

Category Description Command
Global commands Commands that perform their designated function regardless of context.

[Basic commands]
OK, Cancel, Exit

[Launch applications]
Smart Hub, Search All, AllShare Play, Family Story, Fitness, Kids Home, Samsung Apps, Skype, Google Maps, Web Browser, Camera, My Mirror, AccuWeather, Current Time, e-Manual, Air Conditioner

[Control TV viewing functions]
Power Off, Source, Change Channel, Channel Up/Down, Volume Up/Down, Sound Off(Sound On), More, Set-top Box Power, Blu-ray Power

[Control playback functions]
Play/Pause, Previous, Next

Turn off Sleep Timer, 30 minutes later, 60 minutes later, 90 minutes later, 120 minutes later, Log In (Log Out)

Context-based commands Commands that only perform context-dependent functions. These functions may be assigned in each application as required. Previous City, Next City, Search, Find Route, Video Call, Voice Call, Decline, Back, Home Page, Refresh (Stop), Forward, Give Sticker, Viewing History, Album, Memo, Event, My Camera, Gallery, Take Photo, Strobe Photo, Record (Stop), Screen Mode, Workout Log, Body Log, My Achievements