Motion Control

You can use Motion Control to control an application.

Motion Control Policy

Motion Control is activated if you perform a predefined motion in front of the TV’s forward camera while using the TV. The gestures that can be used on the current screen are displayed, along with a hand-shaped cursor, in the Help Bar at the bottom of the screen.

Motion Control is Active

Picture 5-1. Motion Control is Active

Gesture Set

Only the gestures defined in the basic gesture set provided by Samsung can be used; new gestures cannot be added.

Gesture Help Image Remote Control Buttons Action
Point point - Moves the pointer on the screen
Grab grab ENTER Selects the item being pointed at
Return return RETURN Performs the same function as the RETURN button
Scroll scroll - Scrolls the screen

Definition of Motions

When Motion Control is active, you can use the cursor displayed on screen to select items directly. Selecting items and activating functions should be possible when controlling application with Motion Control. Also, the Motion Control Help Bar at the bottom of the screen automatically hides when the cursor approaches, allowing you to select the button guides and activate their functions.

Selecting with the Mouse Cursor

Picture 5-2. Selecting with the Mouse Cursor

The Motion Control Help Bar will hide

Picture 5-3. The Motion Control Help Bar will hide