Text Input

Policy on the Use of On Screen Keypad

If you need to search contents while in certain applications or enter a users account and a password for sign in, a Keypad is offered on TV screen to support text input using TV remote control.

A keypad is created when input field is located on screen and highlights are placed on that area.

OSD keypads are provided in the form of a Numeric keypad and a QWERTY keypad.

The layout of keypad letters and Navigation help composition can be different based on the way of organizing buttons on TV remote control and entering letters in each country.

This UI is provided by the system, so doesn't need to be developed separately.

Numeric Keypad

Numeric Keypad is a reorganized set of 12 buttons including numbers from 0 to 1, ‘-(Dash)’, previous channel buttons on TV OSD.

Highlights could not be placed on each button of Keypad, text input is available only with physical buttons on TV remote control. When a certain application supports a function to complete a key word automatically, it makes users to select search words, offering recommended a key word received from the service site as a form of a list in the lower portion of the text input area.

If the input method is changed by XT9, it is available to confirm word list combined with assigned alphabets to the entered keys and select words you need.

The word list window is automatically generated on the top area if there is any available word to choose.

In Picture 8-1, Word List and Keypad are common modules, so their sizes and locations cannot be changed.

Numeric Keypad

Picture 8-1. Numeric Keypad

Qwerty Keypad

The QWERTY keypad is made up of Language characters/Special characters, together with Delete, Delete All, Shift, Caps Lock, Special Character conversion, Language modification, Space, Left/Right, Numeric, Settings, Done and Cancel keys. When selected, each key is highlighted, and the selected character is entered into the Text Box or the selected action is performed.

In Picture 8-2, Keypad is a common module, so its size and location cannot be changed.

Qwerty Keypad

Picture 8-2. Qwerty Keypad