Composition of Smart Hub Apps

Samsung Smart Hub is the content home of Samsung Smart TVs, where users can access the TV’s basic features, multimedia, and applications. The Apps Homescreen is one of the elements that form the Samsung Smart Hub, and is used to run or manage all the applications installed on Samsung Smart TVs. It is also used to download, purchase, and install the various applications that can be enjoyed on Samsung Smart TV from Samsung Apps. The Apps Homescreen consists of the layout shown in Figure 2-1.

Apps Homescreen

Figure 2-1. Apps Homescreen

The Apps Homescreen consists of the Recommended area, the My Apps area, and the More Apps button. Each application is represented by its main icon and title.


Offers applications recommended directly by Samsung.

My Apps

My Apps is an area that can be edited by the user. Users can add frequently used applications to this area, and run them directly from the Apps Homescreen without opening the More Apps screen. Applications can be added, moved, or deleted in More Apps → Options → Edit My Apps.

More Apps

More Apps is a screen where all of the installed applications are shown. You can enter More Apps by pressing the More Apps button in the Apps Homescreen shown in Figure 2-1. When a user installs an application, it is added to More Apps, and various application editing features such as deleting an application, locking an application, or managing folders are provided under Options. The layout of the More Apps screen is shown in Figure 2-2.

More Apps

Figure 2-2. More Apps