2. Samsung Apps

Samsung Apps is where users can access the list of currently installed applications and the Applications Store.

2.1. Samsung Apps Screen Configuration

The first screen of Samsung Apps is shown in Figure 2-1.

Apps Homescreen

Figure 2-1. Samsung Apps


This is the list of applications recommended by Samsung.


This is the list of applications that have been installed by the user.

Most Popular, What’s New, Categories

This is the App Store that allows the user to search for and download new applications.

2.2. Creating and Registering App Icons

2.2.1. Creating Icons

In order for application icons to display on the Samsung Apps screen, they must comply with the conditions detailed in Table 2-1.

Items for Review Specifications Details
Image Size 512x423
  • You can register the image in Samsung Apps Seller Office, with a width of 512 pixels, and a height of 423 pixels.
  • Registered icons are automatically modified into various sizes for display on the screen.
table app icon size
File Size less than 300KB -
DPI 72 -
File Format JPG Square images in JPG format are recommended for optimal display on screen.
table app icon format jpg

To emphasize an icon's original contours, you can use PNG format.

table app icon format png

Table 2-1. Items to be reviewed when creating icons

Created icons can be registered in the official Samsung Apps Seller Office, located at the URL below.

Seller Office URL : http://seller.samsungapps.com

Samsung Apps TV Seller Office Screen

Figure 2-2. Samsung Apps TV Seller Office Screen