While a developer creates a Samsung Smart TV app and  Javascript  function can not support functions such as volume control or channel change, Application, an API supported by Samsung engine, enable to use the functions with method call easily.
Application API Type lists a variety of functions for Samsung Smart TV App.
This API is defined as Class, and each Class consists of methods, function, Property etc.


Using the Service API simplifies the use of Digital TV-specific functionalities. Service API supports Video/Image player, SmartRemote, and USB.


Provides functions for browsing and selecting files in the USB memory.

TV Control

This feature is for to get the DTV device information(source, channel, model type and so on).


Framework defines the most essential and initial functions for TV app development and explains about Scene Manager, Initialization, Exit Management and Loading the configuration, dynamic file loading.


WebAPIs enables to use middleware functions such as File System Access, Smart Interaction, Audio/ Video control and provides common APIs' definition and methods to handle exceptions.