With Display API, everyone can use and control contents on Samsung SMART TV's big screen. For instance, social media, apps, multimedia can be on the screen with a remote control's smart hub button.
Using social media, users can enjoy popular contents through YouTube, video calls through Skype and show what their friends like on the screen using Samsung or Facebook account log-in.
In Samsung Apps store, various contents are categorized into several groups such as  Video, Game, Sports, Life style, Information and Education etc., and users can check how to use Display. It provides promotion display through ads. When a user enjoys films, videos, music, TV re-run, they can put images on the screen using Allshare and USB and apps. Moreover, users can enjoy web surfing, watching TV ,and  they can put subtitles on the screen. If it supports 3D technologies, it provides a 3D video. Finally, it can re-adjust TV's , video's  or  images' size and position.


Defines functions for 3D.

Closed Caption

Provides Closed Caption of TV.


Controls the PIG (Picture In Graphics) area. TV has only one PIG area at any given time