Hardware API provides API controlling, inputting and outputting Samsung Smart TV's internal and external devices.
Hardware APIs supported by Samsung Smart TV are Camera, External Interworking, Network, Remote Control, Customdevice, Gamepad, HealthcareDevice, MIDI, Nservice, SmartHome and Microphone.
Camera API can be used for functions related to video call, Nservice and SmartHome are Network-based APIs. Here, Nservice API is a concept of bi-directional communication in the same network, and SmartHome API , connected with network, provides functions controlling electronic devices produced by Samsung.
Network API connects internet to Samsung Smart TV and enable users to enjoy a variety of contents, receive updated news and download several apps and information.
Gamepad API provides functions that users can control a device inputting Gamepad's key with their fingers.
Microphone API enables to use a microphone's information, device's name, microphone's volume and effects supported by a microphone (ex.echo). This API can used for hardware- related app. Each API defines Class and how to use.


This API provides interfaces and methods for control of camera module of TV.

External Interworking

External Interworking provides classes to make applications that use peripherals.


This API provides access to the network information.

Remote Control

Class for the basic TV Commands (for example, Key Registration, and so on).


Deals with DTV application development that uses MIDI devices.


Nservice API is the bothway communication within same network.