Media API is API controlling media contents such as video/audio. 
This API's core purpose is allowing users to use media contents effectively in Samsung smart TV App. Functions provided by Media API perform. Media API includes AVFunction which defines functions related to AVplay, Audio Control controlling audio through webapis.audiocontrol object, and Player controlling video/audio. 
Moreover, Sound defines volume control functions using deviceapis.audiocontrol object, is contained in Media API. Media API's core function is, as mentioned above, is controlling media contents. Through Media API, contents' Play, Pause, Stop, Fast Forward, Fast Reward, Mute, and Volume up / down functions can be performed. Also, Media API can adjust contents' size, bring and control DTV platform's volume information and  handle a streaming function. Additionally, it can show AV setting pop-up using sf.service.AVSetting class.

AV Function

This feature defines functions for AVPlayer.


It defines Video control through service module and Player plugin object.


Defines functions for Audio player.