Recognition API controls Samsung Smart TV with gestures and voice recognition.
Recognition API's core purpose is controlling TV apps in various ways (not only with a remote control)
Recognition API contains 'Gesture API' controlling Samsung Smart TV and 'Voice recognition API 'supporting voice recognition. Gesture controls Samsung Smart TV by synchronizing users' motions and the motion already defined in Samsung Smart TV. Voice recognition controls Samsung Smart TV sending users' voice to an external server and receiving the text-formed output.

Recognition's core function is checking if recognition can be supported, setting  Gesture's or Voice Recognition's  event and controlling Samsung Smart TV APP. Through IsRecognitionSupported()/Is GestureRecognitionEnabled()/Is VoiceRecognitionEnabled(), developers can check if recognition can be supported.

Moreover, event setting is performed through SubscribeEvent() functionExEvent()function. Recognition API's functions, mentioned above, are performed through webapis.recognition object. In the case of Gesture, developers need to revise config.xml to support a mouse. If they want to develop an app controlling Samsung Smart TV, they can use recognition API.


users can control Smart TV with their motions (without a remote control and other devices).

Recognition Common

Checking for Recognition support

Voice Recognition

It controls Smart TV through a user's voice.