Smart TV Applications

Published 2014-10-28 |

Article describes structure of Smart TV Applications.

Samsung Smart TV allows developers to create TV-oriented applications with extended functions using plugins.

Smart TV applications are web-based software programs that run on digital TVs connected to the Internet. With Smart TV applications, TV users can access web content via their TV screens. Unlike general web pages, applications for Samsung Smart TV allow users to employ TV-specific features.

For example:

  • Application plugins can allow users to change the application’s volume or play a video that is not part of the television broadcast.

Users can download applications from SamsungApps and install them on their TVs. Users can also create their own Smart TV applications with the Software Development Kit (SDK) provided by Samsung.

Figure. Application on the Smart TV and on a Computer

Figure. Application on the Smart TV and on a Computer B

Application File Structure

Technically, a Smart TV application is a web page consisting of:

HTML page
Shows the application’s structure. Samsung Smart TV SDK supports HTML5 .
CSS file
Defines the application’s style.
JavaScript file
Controls the application’s behavior.
Config.xml file
Contains information on the operating environment and the application version. This file is required for running the application on a TV screen.
Flash files
This files are optional, use if you need animation

Figure. Application structure

Samsung Smart TV applications run on a browser. Smart TV also includes an Application Manager that handles application-related tasks.

Figure. Application architecture

Application Display Types

The table below shows the different ways in which an application can be displayed.


Applications launched in Europe must be full-screen applications.

Display type Description Screen layout
Full-screen application The application fills the entire TV screen.
Single-wide application The application is displayed only on a part of the screen.
Ticker The application remains on the TV screen while you do other things with your TV.