Implementing Your Application Code

Published 2014-10-27 |

Learn what you need in order to start building Smart TV application

Before implementing your Samsung Smart TV application, make sure that you have:

Samsung Smart TV connected to the Internet
Internet connection is needed to run Smart TV applications
Samsung TV Apps SDK and a text editor for creating HTML, JavaScript and CSS files
The SDK is equipped with an emulator with which the application can be tested before actually installing it in the TV and so applications are easier to create using an SDK.

Implementing your application consists of:

Designing and creating the Application UI (user interface).
All Samsung Smart TV applications have an application UI. The UI provides the canvas on which you present all your application’s information. In order to maximize the user experience, you must carefully design and create your application UI. For more information, see UI (JavaScript) and UI Compnent API. The UI of an application consists of one or more application views. Each view is a full-screen application window with a number of UI components such as buttons or labels. To create a compelling UI for your application, the SDK includes a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) tool that you can use for designing and creating the UI and all UI components.
Coding Applications

Coding your application involves writing the code required to run your application. The files structure and code required depends on your Project Type:

For more information see Coding Your JavaScript Application and JavaScript APIs.
For more information see Creating Flash Applications.

Once you have finished implementing your application, you are ready to debug and test your application.