Published 2014-10-27 | (Compatible with SDK 2.5,3.5,4.5,5.0,5.1 and 2011,2012,2013,2014 models)


** This class will not be supported in 2015.

   All functionalities of AppsFramework are more improved, integrating with CAPH. Therefore Appsframework is not supported since 2015 Smart TV.


AppsFramework is used for creating web based applications for Samsung Smart TV allowing the developers to concentrate on the business logic and services. The AppsFramework provides high-level wrapper APIs that streamline application development while still providing a rich set of application features.


AppsFramework solves problems faced by devlopers devloping for previous versions of Smart TV when they had to use multiple complicated call sequences to manage:

  • User input focus
  • Showing and hiding each DIVs
  • Event handlers using DTV-specified functionality

Directory Structure

The figure below illustrates the directory structure used by AppsFramework projects. The following table describes the directory contents.

Figure: Directory structure

Directory/Files Description
app/htmls Directory containing the Scene HTML files
app/scenes Directory containing the Scene class files (JS)
app/stylesheets Directory containing the Scene stylesheet files (CSS)
app/init.js File defining the initialize (onStart) and de-initialize (onDestroy) functions. onStart is the entry point of the application.
icon Directory containing the application icon files
images Directory containing the images
lang Directory containing the text resources by language - [language code].js files
app.json Descriptor for the Apps Framework
config.xml Descriptor for Samsung TV application
index.html Main page of the application. All elements from Apps Framework are added to this file.