Language Code

Published 2014-10-27 |

List of Language Codes.

You can get these codes from the Application Manager while the application is operating. These are made by parsing value of, and value stated below is delivered to the lang attribute.

For more information on, see Retrieving Additional Information.

Nations Code Nations Code
Afrikaans af Latvian lv
Amharic am Lithuanian lt
Arabic ar Norwegian no
Bulgarian bg Persian fa
Chinese zh-CN Polish pl
Croatian hr Portuguese pt
Czech cs Portuguese(America) pt-US
Danish da Romany ro
Dutch nl Russian ru
English en Serbian sr
English(GB) en-GB Slovak sk
Estonian et Spanish es
Finnish fi Spanish(America) es-US
French fr Swahili sw
French(America) fr-US Swedish sv
German de Taiwan zh-TW
Modern Greek el Thai th
Hausa ha Turkish tr
Hebrew he Urdu ur
Hongkong zh-HK Vietnamese vi
Hungarian hu Yoruba yo
Igbo ig Xhosa xh
Indonesian id Zulu zu
Italian it    
Korean ko    

The table below shows the codes derived from language attribute.


language attribute is to be replaced with lang attribute. It must not be used any further.

Language Code Language Code
Korean 0 Spanish 24
English 1 Swedish 25
Spanish(America) 2 Turkish 26
French(America) 3 Chinese 27
Portuguese(America) 4 Hongkong 28
Bulgarian 5 Taiwan 29
Croatian 6 Japanese 30
Czech 7 Maori 31
Danish 8 CMN 32
Dutch 9 YUE 33
Finnish 10 Hindi 34
French 11 Estonian 35
German 12 Latvian 36
Modern Greek 13 Lithuanian 37
Hungarian 14 Arabic 38
Italian 15 Persian 39
Norwegian 16 QAA 40
English(GB) 17 AD 41
Polish 18 Catalan 42
Portuguese 19 VAL 43
Romany 20 Hebrew 44
Russian 21 OTHER 45
Serbian 22 Thai 46
Slovak 23