How To Create A Multi-Scene Basic App Project

Published 2014-10-27 | (Compatible with SDK 4.5)

Creating a multi-scene project in the Eclipse Editor

New Basic App Project

  1. Open the menu: File->New -> Other, then choose Samsung SMART Basic App Project.

  2. Or open the menu Samsung SMART TV SDK -> Create Samsung SMART Basic App Project.

    Figure: Choose Samsung SMART Basic App Project

Name Project And Choose Its Resolution

  1. Name new project.

  2. Choose new project’s resolution.

    Figure: Rename and choose resolution

Add New Scene

  1. Choose the project.

  2. Open the context menu New -> Samsung SMART TV Scene.

    Figure: Add new scene

  3. Name the new scene, then click Finish button.

    Figure: Rename the scene

  4. A new scene is added into our project as follows.

    Figure: Multi-scene project