Main Features for Eclipse Editor

Published 2014-10-28 | (Compatible with SDK 4.5,5.0,5.1 and 2013,2014 models)

Main Features for Eclipse Editor

** This class will not be supported in 2015.

   All functionalities of AppsFramework are more improved, integrating with CAPH. Therefore Appsframework is not supported since 2015 Smart TV. To use functionalities of Appsframework, refer to here.


The main features of Eclipse Editor are as follows.


  1. Ruler and Grid(in Scene)
  2. Palette
  3. Properties View
  4. Outline View

Ruler and Grid

  1. After choosing ‘Snap to Grid’, the component will move by grids.

  2. After choosing ‘Snap to Shapes’, it will help the component to snap to other component.

  3. When user moves the component to other component, the guide line would be automatically showed

    Figure: Ruler and grid on the scene


  1. User could customized the layout of the Palette

  2. It would show the description of the component when user moves mouse over a component.

    Figure: Palette

Properties View

  1. Modify the component’s property in Properties View.

  2. Visual Editor, Text Editor and Outline View would synchronize with Properties View.

    Figure: Properties View

Outline View

  1. Outline View supports overview function.

  2. Outline View also supports the structure of the components in the scene.

    Figure: Outline View