Playing Video

Samsung smart TV provides API for developers to apply video and audio to your application. There are examples of applying API and playing videos in “Playing Video” section. You also can find many other topics that are related to video in this page.

Adding a Video Component

How to use a Video Component in visual mode of Samsung SDK.

Creating a Video Application

This tutorial demonstrates the use of the video features of the Samsung Apps service. These are needed to create various kinds of applications, like video catch-up services and User Created Content (UCC) services. The video features are introduced by developing a sample application featuring video playback.

How to block the screensaver during video playback?

Screensaver blocking - policy and implementation details.

IP Video Closed Captions

The document describes how to implement closed captions regarding the Federal Communication Commission regulations

Jump operation blocking suggestions

Avoiding potential problems with FF and REW operations on video content

Picture settings in video applications

How to open the display settings menu from inside the application

Play Video

Play Video

Player crash on application exit

How to avoid unexpected player behavior on application exit